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oh no! another tile saw thread/question

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  • oh no! another tile saw thread/question

    I'll be brief here...

    There are three common styles of wet tile saws.

    1. the bridge design
    2. the sliding tray design
    3. the stationary blade [similar to a table saw] design

    I am not too impressed with the saw that uses a motor design that looks like a grinder mounted upright. I read they are noisy and tend to break often.

    Which design would be the most versatile? Let's assume edge cuts, diagonal cuts, plunge cuts, 45 degree edge cuts, and speciality cuts like rounded cuts?

    Motors run from 1/2 to 2 1/2hp.
    I am looking within the 3/4 to 1 1/2hp motor capability
    I suppose the largest tile I'd be working with would be 16 or 18 inches.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: oh no! another tile saw thread/question

    OK, I guess I'm more successful on a tile reflector that was suggested in my other posting.

    So, let's put this to bed. I ended up purchasing a Husky THD950L wet saw at home Depot.

    Bang for the buck I'm pleased with the tool. I will, however, use a 5 gallon bucket filled with water and place the pump in that, then use the tray to capture the dirty water. This will keep the sludge from returning to the blade. This procedure will give your blade a longer useful life.

    Now here is the tricky part so stay with me!

    You will not find anything about this saw on the Husky tool website or the home depot web page!

    The company that makes this tool is CHERVON POWER TOOLS
    not CHEVRON!!! they sell gas!

    They also make the THD750L saw.

    The site is not the best as you have to hunt for the manuals. It seems the guy doing the website put the wrong manuals with different tools!

    You do not have any warranty card. You need to register on line. I strongly suggest you print the page and file it with your receipt.

    The saw is sort of well built. The manual is written poorly.
    The laser is ok and does not work on bevel cuts. The laser does align ok.
    The blade that comes with the saw is ok for ordinary glazed tile, anything else get a quality blade.

    The set up and operation is not bad, even for a left handed person. As far as noise goes, it's as loud as my 4 1/2" makita electric grinder. I suggest ear protection and of course safety glasses.

    Accuracy is only as good as the operator and set up. If you don't set it up square etc. it won't cut well. My first test run with Granite tile did result in a sort of coarse edge. I need a stone to hand smooth it. Also I need to try using blue painter's tape and cutting from the rear [aka Greek style].

    Oh, the water spray on the blade is very good and the operator does not get wet!

    So, for those of you interested enough to provide input, comments, and encouragement Thank you. for those of you in the peanut gallery just watching..I hope what information I provided and information from the others offer you the opportunity to get a tile saw and tile something.

    Cactus Man