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  • passed my exam

    Found out today that i passed my damn exam...yehheeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So so so happy....i thought i will flick again

    See tieger? Thanks for you best wishes

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    Re: passed my exam


    That is great news and we all knew you could pass. It just takes time to do it. Now go get the sales rolling. Make some nice $$$ and get something very special to you as a reward for your hard work.


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      Re: passed my exam

      congrats zeljka

      does this mean no more ditch digging

      i see you changed your occupation

      so, now less ophra and more mls

      does this mean robert can play today since you're bringing home the bacon

      lets go shopping for shoes

      we call this a roast. usually reserved when you retire.

      i might be too old to remember by then

      congratulations again.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: passed my exam


        Way to go, now go sell some houses
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          Re: passed my exam

          CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Now you can use the a/c all you want and eat pizza whenever you want and you don't have to wait for Robert to tell you it's ok

          I love my plumber

          "My Hero"

          Welcome, Phoebe Jacqueline!


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            Re: passed my exam

            Great Job Zeljka, I knew you would pass it this time. Now you need to go out there and start selling some 5 million dollar homes so rob can retire


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              Re: passed my exam

              Thank you all for the great wishes

              No,Robert won't retire. He will still be a hard working plumber and i will be a hard working realtor that will probably work in the brokerage business

              Shoes Rick?? Always for shopping And no need for crash course Rick..haYou said i need one

              Now it is time to go to barnes and nobles and get the dictionary for my business and spelling



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                Re: passed my exam

                congrats zeljka!!!! (at least I can spell it....if not pronounce it!!!)

                Good job on the test!! Glad to hear you stuck with it and made it. Best of luck in the new job.
                I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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                  Re: passed my exam

                  Congratulations! May you be as succesful as you wish to be!

                  I've learned a lot from my past experiences.
                  I've learned nothing from my passed experiences.


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                    Re: passed my exam

                    Way to go girl.

                    Who are you going to work for?

                    Or are you going to open your own office?

                    Run your business through your home and do house write offs....Property tax, Electrical, Gas, Water, Sewer, Home Improvements, etc, they can all be written off to some degree.
                    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....


                    A good climbing rope will last you 3 to 5 years, a bad climbing rope will last you a life time !!!


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                      Re: passed my exam

                      good job now can we get some houses at a ridgid forum discount

                      My seek the peek fundraiser page


                      new work pictures 12/09


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                        Re: passed my exam

                        Congrats, this outstanding news. So I guess you're paying for dinner tonight. Don't forget your plumbing friends now that you're moving into the real estate world. Felicia is also very happy for you.
                        Buy cheap, buy twice.


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                          Re: passed my exam

                          congrats on passing the exam and best of luck in your new career.
                          "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006




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                            Re: passed my exam

                            Congratulations on the milestone. In your future endeavors, don't forget your morals, don't ignore your conscience, don't ignore/forget your current friends, and , above all, keep track of the mileage and car expenses: Its tax deductible!!

                            Practicing at practical wood working


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                              Re: passed my exam

                              Originally posted by mrs. westcoast View Post
                              Found out today that i passed my damn exam...yehheeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                              I knew you could do it Zeljka, we are all very proud of you.

                              "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

                              I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!