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Woussko's Special Day - Sept 15th.

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    Re: Woussko's Special Day - Sept 15th.

    Originally posted by Woussko View Post
    Thanks everyone for the good thoughts/wishes. Tomorrow is when I'll have my little party of hounds. Today was very nice out, but also kind of crazy because of power failure (I ran the Woussko special) and also local events. My best present of all is a nice cold night out where I can sleep with the windows open and really saw my bed. Also let it be known that's I'm way past 26. It is our good friend Zeljka, wife of WestCoastPlumber that's turning 25 on Sunday. I sure hope I can be able to wish her a Happy 26, 27 and more.
    Lol...nice cold air and windows open....robert loves it...i'm ok with it and in the middle of the night i wake up freezing.....have to put charlie on my feet to warm them up since robert is selfish during the night and doesn't like cold feet

    I do not like cold room...I'm thinking to buy those adjustable temperature blankets in 2 months when it really starts to be cold...of course it would be only on my side...robert can sleep with windows open when it snows as far as i;'m concern