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What would you like for breakfast today?

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    Re: What would you like for breakfast today?

    [QUOTE=Woussko;94760]Has anyone ever had Cream of Wheat pancakes? QUOTE]

    My Dad used to make up a batch of Cream of Wheat, pour it into a deep bread pan and let it chill over night. The next morning he'd slice it about 3/8" thick and fry it in a skillet and smother with syrup...YUM!

    I've learned a lot from my past experiences.
    I've learned nothing from my passed experiences.


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      Re: What would you like for breakfast today?


      Sounds yummy to me. Another thing I like are cornmeal pancakes with some corn tossed in.

      Years ago there was a place called "Pancake Barn" which was a restaurant made to look like a barn. All they had was pancakes of any kind customers could dream up. They had juice and coffee, but no other foods. The place did pretty well until everyone got tired of pancakes. They had raisin bran pancakes that I never tried but people claimed they worked wonders when you got clogged up. You would eat away on them and drink lots of water. Then before long the outhouse was busy. LOL
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        Re: What would you like for breakfast today?

        Anymore I best eat more healthy

        Bowl of cooked oatmeal, small bowl of fresh fruit, a glass of good OJ and one and only one cup of fresh brewed coffee.

        Eggs, bacon and home fries = My insides become full of sludge.
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