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  • what do you listen to?

    what kind of muisc do you guys like and groups do you like?

    for examaple i like country and rock,

    josh turner is one of my favoites for country and for rock i don't think you can go wrong with eric clapton
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    Re: what do you listen to?

    I like classic rock ...The Doors (my favorite of all time), Pink Floyd , Zepplin

    I also like classical music...Beethoven, Mozart (calms me down)
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      Re: what do you listen to?

      I like classic rock and the 80's hair bands, ac/dc, metallica, my favorite station is HairNation on Sirius Sat radio,

      I also like the late 80's and to mid 90's alternative bands, like Red Hot Chiili Peppers and the like, but from the 90's, now adays, all music sucks from the 2001 and forward, it's all crap, music with no meaning. Rap sucks big time, demeaning, abusive crap, and the new country sucks big time, no meaning, sounds like R&B, WHICH SUCKS TOO! some of the old country was good, from the early 90's, late 80's, and I like some blue grass too.

      So anyways, Sirius Satellite Radio, Sirius-ly Radio



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        Re: what do you listen to?

        I'm a metalhead at heart:

        old: Metallica, Judas Priest, Madien, Megadeth, etc...
        new: Atreyu, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Walls of Jericho, etc...

        I also love the classic rock (seriously who doesn't): Floyd, Doors, Who, Zeppelin, Beatles, etc...

        If I'm in the right mood folk music like Greg Brown, Ani Difranco, and Kaki King, etc...


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          Re: what do you listen to?

          I mostly like Celtic, with Loreena McKennitt my favorite. After that it's Classical and then some Folk. For anything else, depends on the song and the artist. I don't like heavy rock or rap!



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            Re: what do you listen to?

            I can take about anything other than noise such as Hip-Hop, Rap or anger music. I like "Old Standards" and Old Classic Country. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I'm in the mood for what I call "Smoooo Zazz" or as most know it Smooth (modern) Jazz. Online I normally go for XM radio - High Standards. On the road my radio normally stays on the local news and weather station. When I've had enough of that, then I play some CDs that I make up myself of "Calm The Hound" music.


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              Re: what do you listen to?

              ACDC, Accept, Dio, Scorpions, Motley Crue, Metallica,Megadeath, Warrant, Iron Maiden, V-H, Skid Row, Def Leoppard, Jackyl, ect...
              80's metal Rocks. Todays alternative and rap music sucks monkey balls!


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                Re: what do you listen to?

                Country, prefer classic country. Ray Price, Charlie Pride, Bob Wills etc


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                  Re: what do you listen to?

                  Genesis, Marillion, IQ, Pendragon, YES, ELP, ......

                  Progressive Rock.
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                    Re: what do you listen to?

                    virtually anything but high opera and (C)rap

                    mostly i play blues, some early metal, and some classic rock.

                    current favorite player is Warren Haynes. closely followed by Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Joe Bonamasso, Billy George, Derreck Trucks, Randy Combs, & Maxx Cabrerro.

                    best R&R tone is a P-90 equiped axe through a pre 1972 Marshall. think Leslie West / Mountain.

                    i'd listen to Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, & Django Reinhardt until my ears fell off if the woman would let me. but sometimes she is the voice of reason.

                    if you happen to be a blues hound check out T-Model Ford.

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                      Re: what do you listen to?

                      It goes from David Allan Coe to Pantera to Howlin Wolf to Simon and Garfunkel. Literally everything but new country and rap. If anyone is big into relaxing instrumental, check out a band called Hapa from Hawai'i. They're first album is unbelivable. Actually all Hawai'ian music is great, and let's not forget about Bob Marley.
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                        Re: what do you listen to?

                        I'm on board with Robert and Ben, rap, country..not me.

                        Every musical genre seems to have the same two things in common, the innovators and the fill.

                        If I had to pick one, it'd be metal, not glam or rediculously over distorted repetitive thrash with words that sound like a trucker clearing his throat after smoking a full pack of cigarettes (sorry Lemmie, yer the one who started it)...I mean Dimebag - Pantera, Marty - Megadeath....or newer stuff like SevenDust, disturbed.
                        There's a few innovators for one genre.
                        In the eighties there were some badass bands, then there were alotta poison wannabe's, I'd turn on the radio in hopes of catching a break with a new release from Bullet Boys, Rush or Scorpions....and brave it through endless hours of "Every rose has it thorns", or a lively ditty by White Lion. <gag>
                        Early nineties came to life with STP, Alice in Chains.
                        Blues - Stevie Ray, Stevie Ray and some more Stevie Ray.
                        Then there's jazz, Miles, and on to Mahavishnu with John Mc Glaughlin wanna hear a guitar player,thats him.
                        Al Dimeola..incredible player, countless dozens more...then the "fill"...the guys that just hit any note in an odd time and the intellectuals just squeal with anticipation.

                        What drives me nuts is the fact that if I turn on the radio and hear something kickass, it's sure to followed with an hour of fill.

                        It's easier now though, I just listen to news radio or a CD..the whole Indie thing is a bit bland for my taste.
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                          Re: what do you listen to?

                          Well said Ducky. There are just a few innovators and the rest are just pretenders and wannabees.

                          Last few years there has been nothing worth listening to on the radio. This is why I bought an Ipod. Best little gadget ever next to the SeeSnake Micro. Maybe the new version can play downloaded music videos

                          I'm finally over classic rock thing. Been downloading mostly jazz and some R&B lately. Marc Antoine, Peter White, Rick Braun and the Robert Plant Nine Lives Box set was awsum.

                          Saw a Thomas Dolby show a couple nights ago. (She Blinded Me with Science) was blown away. He has a very interesting backround. He owns a company that has the patent on cellphone ring tones. $$$$$


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                            Re: what do you listen to?

                            I listen to everything what isn't listed here probably everything what men don't


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                              Re: what do you listen to?

                              Crack, Dolby's dad was the inventor of "Dolby sound".
                              I remember that an age when you were either a new wave geek, a jock, or a metalhead..I was metal.
                              But That song was good stuff, just didn't tell my friends that.