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Husband's calls to airport don't prevent womans death

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  • Husband's calls to airport don't prevent womans death

    PHOENIX, Arizona (CNN) -- Noah Gotbaum told a Phoenix airport operator that his wife was distraught after being bumped from a flight and that her situation was a "medical emergency," not a case of "some lout who's just drank too much.

    About the same time, the wife, Carol Ann Gotbaum, was screaming and crying as police placed her in handcuffs.
    Not long afterward, she was dead in an airport holding cell.
    Police have released a video showing officers arresting the 45-year-old New
    York woman at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport just before she died on September 28.

    Police have said Gotbaum apparently strangled herself as she tried to maneuver her way out of handcuffs secured behind her back.
    According to the police report released Thursday, Gotbaum's husband, Noah, called the airport several times that day, trying to reach his wife or the airport police, telling them they didn't know the circumstances involving his wife, whom he described as suicidal.

    In the holding room, there is a bench with an 'eyehook' on it. The officers took a 'shackle,' which is described as a metal chain, approximately 16 inches long, with a large 'handcuff' on each side. The total length of the chain with handcuffs is approximately 24 inches," the statement said.
    "One of the handcuffs on the 'shackle' was attached to the 'eyehook' on the bench. The other handcuff of the shackle was attached to the chain of the handcuffs that were already on Ms. Gotbaum's hands.
    "So Ms. Gotbaum was handcuffed with her hands behind her back, and additionally those handcuffs were attached to a shackle that kept her attached to the bench."

    Very sad ........

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    Re: Husband's calls to airport don't prevent womans death

    The death of this lady is sad but if her husband believed her to be suicidal why did he allow her to travel alone? We are still under the threat of terrorist attacks and that aside, the Police do not make in depth evaluations of every person who they arrest for disturbing the peace. Maybe procedures might change a little depending on the outcome of this incident, but when put into some kind of perspective this was one tragic death. Consider the hundreds or thousands of deaths in places around the world where people are fighting for freedoms we have, or the thousands of American Soldiers who have been wounded or died in Iraq. There is no shortage of sadness in the world.


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      Re: Husband's calls to airport don't prevent womans death

      I agree this was a sad situation but if her family knew she was having a problem why did they send her to travel alone? Now of course many are saying each Airport needs to have medical staff available to evaluate anyone who has acted out of the ordinary to see if they are a threat to themselves. That would just be one more expense the rest of us would endure because one passenger out of millions and millions died by her own actions over being upset she missed her flight.

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