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    This is a true story and not some Halloween Tale, I was wondering since it is close to Halloween, have any of you got a true ghost story you would care to share.

    My house was built back in 1896, so its been around for a long time. We have lots of stories we can tell you, but this is one of the strangest of all...

    I'm down in the basement, my wife is upstairs (2nd floor) w/our first born. I hear a loud crashing sound and ran upstairs.

    There is glass all over the living room floor. We owned an entertainment center, w/1/4" thick glass doors. The glass doors both exploded outwards and nailed the exterior wall at about 15 ft. away.

    My wife is upstairs yelling at me, "What happened down there".

    She finally comes down with Richard in her arms and saw the mess. Then she asked me "how did you break it"

    "this was not caused by me, babe"

    "well what could have caused this"

    "I don't know"

    Then I began the chore of cleaning up the mess. As I was pulling glass out of our couch, due to the fact that it shot across the room and embedded into the furniture.

    There was also glass on top of our drapery (7 ft. high and 15 ft away from the entertainment center) which was in an open position, this was when I noticed a crack in our exterior window. The shooting glass cracked our exterior window.

    I would say we were very fortunate not to be in the room at the time the glass exploded.
    Now there is no heat source anywhere near those doors, no added wait to crush the doors. No electrical problems, no dogs or rodents. And let me remind you, these doors we're of 1/4" glass, because of the baby it was safety glass, and the doors exploded out wards, not 1 door but both.

    This was our first major experience with what we finally agreed was our ghost. So many other things have happened before that, but was always explainable.

    Used to be, almost everyday, I would see something out of the corner of my eye, but never enough for me to make anything out, very elusive.

    Since our 3rd child, us and the ghost/ghosts have been living in peace. We do believe it has finally excepted us because we were not leaving. But I swear to god, many, many nights, getting up to take a leak, my hairs are standing up on my body as I look behind me real fast to see who is there... No one...

    I have many more ghost stories, about our house, however we'll stop here.
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    Re: Real Ghost Stories

    mark, do you know much of the history of your house?

    sounds, like a good one for ghost busters, who ya gonna call

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Real Ghost Stories

      Well come on people, surely there must be something strange going on in your house, lets hear those stories...
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        Re: Real Ghost Stories

        Allthough not a ghost story, there was something strange going on in my house the other night

        My wife had dinner on the table when i came home, the laundry was done, and the house was clean..

        Very strange
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          Re: Real Ghost Stories

          Well Drain, she just wanted some in return...
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          A good climbing rope will last you 3 to 5 years, a bad climbing rope will last you a life time !!!


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            Re: Real Ghost Stories

            This is a no BS story. I'm not making this up.
            I was in Rayong, Thailand in 2001 helping build a school. Just to give you a layout, we lived in the 2nd floor of an existing school house. There was a football field directly in front of us with a Buddhist temple on the other side of that. To the left of us was a slight embankment that had the schoolhouse and past that was our shower tent. In front of the shower tent was a huge field with the Buddhist monk's house on the opposite side of the field. To our right was a road.

            We were about 2 months in the deployment and everything was going great. Down the road one night there was a big commotion. We were in the country with no TV or phones so we wander down there to see what happened. It turned out the parents were fighting (dad was an accused alcoholic) and the 12 yr old daughter ate rat poison and killed herself.

            The next day they had the funeral for her and not a soul showed up, not even her parents. Her cremation was only tended by the monks. About a month before the was a funeral and the entire town showed up and there was a parade and a party. The village wasn't happy to see that guy die but they celebrated his life. Well with this girls passing, there was no one. The reason why is because Thailand is primarily Buddhist and one of the worst things you can do is commit suicide. By commiting suicide you are essentially forgotten in everyones eyes. The village would never even say the girl's name. This was the freaky thing; when they cremated her body, the smoke came up out of the smokestack and traveled straight down and hovered above the football field and seemed to travel down the road before dissapating.

            But wait, I haven't gotten to the good part.
            So about a week goes by and no one thinks to heavily on it. Our shower tent could only hold 4 people (army shower tent, they like to pack them in) and so that night we had two people who still had to shower, Steve and Merritt. It's dark, no moon and everyone else was downstairs outside. All of the sudden we hear this girl crying, but it's not normal, she sounds like she's in intense pain and suffering and it was coming from the field between our shower tent and the monk's house. We looking at the field and suddenly we see two lights going side to side and moving fast towards us.

            It was Steve and Meritt who were scared s***less. Both had flashlights, Steve was naked except for one shower shoe plus a stick? and Meritt only had a towel. Keep in mind they had to run through our construction site to get to us. Both guys are white as can be. Steve was an alright guy but cocky and he couldn't stop shaking he was so scared. Meritt was real analytical(he was our engineer) and figured that a ghost couldn't hurt us since it has no physical form so he wasn't that scared. Our shower tent was powred by out 5 ton troop vehicle and was left running so we sent Meritt up there to turn it off since he "wasn't scared". Before he left, he did take a machete and my 9 mil so he must not of had to much confidence in his theory. Anyway, he turns the truck off and comes back, no drama.

            For the next three nights we hear this girl wail it's freaking us all out by now.
            We shut down work earlier so we can shower during the day but hearing that girl cry at night is shaking us up. We were working with the Royal Thai Marines in building the school and they lived in the Buddhist temple across the field from us. They're was one Thai Marine who spoke english well who we called "Joker" and we asked if he could arrange a meeting with the monks.
            It turned out the wailing was freaking out the Marines too. They had one guy leave, didn't tell anybody where he was going, he just left.

            The next day we see the monks and they want to help us get rid of the girl but they see this as the natural order of life. She committed suicide so her body can't go to heaven or hell. "She's just sad" the monks tell us and "she won't hurt anyone". We trust the monks but we don't want to test their beliefs. So we ask more insistently and they relent and say they can give her peace. We were on good terms with them so they're happy to help us out. They tell us they have to pray tonight but they'll help us the next day. That night we hear more crying almost as if the poor girl knew we getting rid of her and all through the night we could hear her over the buzz of mosquitos and ceiling fans. Not a good night.

            The next morning we go to do PT and we see the monks walking around and praying and splashing water everywhere. We were instructed not to bother them and they finished up in about 15 min. We never got close enough to the monks to see what they were saying or exactly what they were doing. All I know is, we never heard that poor girl the rest of the time we there.

            Sorry for the book. I can still hear that girl's screams.
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