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Great Day Fishing!

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  • Great Day Fishing!

    Oh man! I decided to relax today and go fishing. What a day to go. It was about 82 degrees today with a nice breeze. Managed to catch four nice bass before the rain moved in and I had to call it a day. Even the Mrs. caught one! What a great way to spend the day. Just had to share...
    Anybody else have a great day?

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    Re: Great Day Fishing!

    Good day for you.How was dinner.


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      Re: Great Day Fishing!

      LOL! Dinner was great! She made her famous, or depending on who you ask infamous chillie with jalapeno cornbread. I NEVER keep any of the fish I catch...I ALWAYS practice catch and release. I think thats why I usually have good luck...the fish know that I won't keep them! Anybody else here like to fish? Just curious.


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        Re: Great Day Fishing!

        I always catch and release too!There always biting somewhere.


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          Re: Great Day Fishing!

          I got to go out golfing with some of my buddies. It was awesome weather. Spent some quality time with the fam. (My boys are walking all over the place now) The Indians got their butts kicked though so that sorta ruined the weekend


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            Re: Great Day Fishing!

            I too love to fish. There are some lakes up here with small mouths in them. However the fish we go after are Walleyes, Trouts and Northerns and sometimes Muskies. Then theres Lake Superior which has many other species, but most of my fishing is inland lakes. I will keep a few for dinner, but majority is released. I use to be in a fishing league that my brother started, #1 rule is release all fish that are caught during the league fishing time.

            Pretty soon it'll be down time for me, this means I go Ice Fishing. Small bottle of Schnapps and a heater and shelter, and the fish jumping through the holes. Life is good ..... "Pipestone" I'm sure can agree with me there, I'm sure......
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