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So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

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  • So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

    I've been reading a lot of the power tool post...and like the recomended power tool brand name post Ridgid was mentioned only once.....guess in my furry little mind...Ridgid web site...we all must at least have liked Ridgid tools enought to look for this site.....and I wanted to say..Ridgid seems prety open minded..figured any post that was negitive about Ridgid products would get squashed..but they let them stay.

    Im mixed about Ridgid products.. I like my 18v drill, and small tubeing cutters...but my large 1/8-1 1/2" cutter is a pos..

    Sooo without beating around the bush anymore...what is your opion of Ridgid tools??

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    Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

    I'll just say it like this:

    Any product name that has a reputation of being traded/sold countless times over and is treated as relics in the trades, has got to be something more than just simple value.

    I've watched ebay auctions bring big dollars on RIDGID tools and they always guarantee a bid.

    Short of the tools being abused/used improperly, they are a safe bet to buy used, they did their homework with giving the end user the ability to readily find replacement parts for their item.

    That's class and that means they want your business in the future.

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      Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

      Throughout the years I've used Ridgid wrenches and tubing cutters for my household plumbing jobs and they worked fine. I am very happy with my Ridgid 18 volt nicad set, good solid tools with plenty of power. Vented battery design and dual port charger work fine for my needs but then again I'm no Pro putting them through their paces day after day. Aside from another tool here and there to go with my 18 volt set, I really am looking forward to the higher AH 18 volt lithium battery to go with my current Ridgid tools. Personally such a battery would come in handy if I need it in a pinch and have not kept up my charging ritual with the nicads. I also think such a battery would be a boost to Ridgid sales by putting them on par with the current offerings by other cordless tool companies. This whole Forum is nice, people from all over exchanging ideas, helping eachother, joking around. A welcome change from most of the Internet and a good change of pace from watching the boring and negative news on tv. Plus for me a retired guy who doesn't get out that much to hang with the guys, it's a chance to interact a bit with Men. I love my wife and daughters, but they just don't talk guy stuff.


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        Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

        I think that you will not find any better any were, on pipe tools, wrenches, dies, cutters, reamers. (I have a K380 and K750 drain machines), I feel there exelent units if used with in there limits. and a toilet auger good tool.

        the only other Emerson electric tools I own were either the ones with the sears brand, or I have one very old power screw driver, that for power you can not beat or its basic quality, but it is nearly 30 years old, I do not own any current manufacture "RIDGID" tools, and in my opinion the Sears branded stuff was may be high end home owners stuff, (never felt it was commercial, and in later years they did have "Sears Commercial" and most of that was re branded known tools, (like the SKIL hypoid saw),

        a Home dept, opened near here (40 miles) about a year ago, and that is my first exposure to the new line of power tools. and on the cordless line I got started with the 18volt dewalt platform, and I have keep with that platform on cordless, I do own some other hand tools that have the ridgid name, (channel lock type plyers, about 20 years old, and there might be some other,

        I bought a hypoid SKIL say many years ago and it just keeps going and going, and until it dies, do not intend to replace it.

        when it is time to replace some of my current tools I will definitely look into the Ridgid line, and compare them to my Know tools,

        but when it comes to any power tool line, If it is "new design" it seems like the quality and the longevity is not there as compared to the older lines, and even the current "old design tools (mostly designed before computer), have fallen in quality as there many times are little parts that have been down graded to save a Penney here and there,

        Like the dewalt tools that were either Black and decker commerical or industral originally, most of those designs have fallen to the way side and the newer replacement tools are less than what they once were,
        some with milwaukee and so on, It is my guess Black and Decker will destroy Porter Cable tools if they all ready have not,

        I can not speak for Ridgid but jsut my looking at them in Home depot, it appears that to me the basic tools are much better than the old Sears lines,

        I am not really sure if the Ridgid line would fall under commercial duty or not, but I think there getting there, but there are a top of the line week end warrior tool or homeowner tools, (I am not sure what target group there is, but my guess it is the high end home owner or week end warrior), there stationery shop tools fall in to that same classification, as home shop tools or light commercial.

        to me it looks like that they make a very good line of tools, but I not sure I would classify them as true commercial duty.

        This is my oppion,
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          Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

          I think that Ridgid tools are for the most part good value for your dollar.
          I'm a carpenter so I'm not talking about pipe or plumbing tools here, I think that reputation speaks for itself. In fact it's that brand name recognition that they are trying to leverage into the power tool and air tool markets etc.

          As far as this forum goes I think they are very smart in supplying it to begin with and letting the criticism fly. You'll see in some of the harshest posts that the individuals who are the most ignorant are just that... ignorant. Usually someone will come along and defend the particular tool being bashed. Sometimes there is no defense like with the BS1400 (14" bandsaw) or the MS1290LZA (12" sliding compound miter saw). One has very bad vibration issues and the other can't cut straight but those are just manufacturing issues that will hopefully get resolved in part because of this forum.
          Other tools like the TS3650 or even the TS2400 have developed a great reputation and are an example of tools built right

          I think this forum serves to help Ridgid with r&d by keeping an eye on the pulse of the professional workplace and the diyer's garage. If they were to start telling people what they could say or post... well lets just say this is the net and it wouldn't be pretty. I think people respect that for the most part.
          This place also serves as a vast warehouse of knowledge that can be tapped for anything from busted toilets to hand cut dovetails. This alone is a valuable service that you don't see too many other tool makers providing.

          Well thats my 2ยข worth
          Cheers! - Jim
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            Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

            For the usage I give my RIDGID tools I don't think I could have better quality or service from any other manufacturers tools. On the other hand, RIDGID is only one of many tool manufacturers products that I own.

            I prefer to buy the best tool I can for the types of jobs I feel I will be using a particular tool for. I own tools that are made by; Bostitch, Craftsman, Delta, DeWalt, Freud, Harbor Freight, Hitachi, Jet, Makita, Milwaukee, Porter-Cable, RIDGID, and Skil to name a few and have been happy with most of them.

            It doesn't surprise me that RIDGID wasn't mentioned often in that other thread because the OP in that thread said he was a interested in carpentry. The responses in his thread were geared more toward the tools of that trade and RIDGID has a ways to go as far as gaining a share of that market. Market share takes time and RIDGID is a relative newcomer to that market. Now, if you want to talk about tools like pipe threaders you'll soon see that RIDGID is synonymous to pipe threaders as Milwaukee is to reciprocating saws.

            To get back to the original question about the RIDGID line, I would have to say that I have been extremely satisfied with every single RIDGID tool I own. That includes tools that are made by both Ridge Tool and TTI.
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              Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

              I came to this forum to find the answer to a question about the 1 7/8" hose issue on the ridgid propac vacuum. I had used a ridgid vacuum before and loved the power and drag a long hose. I was pissed when I first got here, but this site did win me over a little and I ended up giving ridgid a try with some other tool purchases.

              So far I absolutely love the air tools I have used. I also dig the laminate trimmer. The RO sander I got is good, but not the best I have used. The vacuum is fantastic. I would seriously consider Ridgid in any future tool purchases I make, but would not go so far as to say I automatically trust their power tool line to be the best bang for my buck. This forum and the good folks here have definitely won them a few spots on my roster though. Good marketing tool, this site.

              And I also strongly agree that this forum is a sanctuary of peaceful and friendly interaction (if you stay clear of the smelly plumbers!) rarely found online.

              Bottom line I feel Ridgid is a solid competitor in the power tool market, but sadly even with all the other companies seriously lacking the quality (made in china junk, plastic parts, QC issues) and respect for customers (available parts, clear instructions and warranties without hoop jumping, recalls on problem tools rather than silence and restocking) that used to be commonplace, they do not really set themselves above the pack. That seems like it would be an excellent place for Ridgid to set themselves apart. They don't seem too interested in that though.
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                Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

                When I hear the name "Ridgid", I think of these great tools:
                1. Pipe Wrenches & Telescopic Basin Wrench
                2. Threading Machines
                3. Tubing Cutters depending which model.
                4. See Snakes
                5. Augers
                I'm not sold on Pro Press yet. I'm too old school.

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                  Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

                  Very happy with power tools myself (Emerson/TTI made stuff). I, like a few others, have had to deal with relatively minor customer service issues (who hasn't, with any company??), and it is sometimes frustrating with information lapses that happen from time to time. However, this forum is a great place for myself, and others, to vent about any issues, and hopefully to enable Ridgid (TTI more or less) to take notice, and fix any issues so that they don't lose potential future buyers. And with some Ridgid staff on here with us, it makes for a good interactive experience.

                  I don't have any plumbing tool experience myself (Ridge Tool). But both my uncle, and a brother-in-law of mine, are plumbers, and they swear by those tools (man, those tools are the "THE" brand!). That golden reputation led me to go towards the Ridgid power tools, and I've been very pleased overall. They are a definite asset, and I'm glad I chose them over many others.


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                    Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

                    My shop (office shop) is littered with Ridgid tools. I got nearly 100 plumbers,helpers etc in the field. They like their Ridgid stuff.

                    As far as the woodworking tools go. You will find mixed opinions.

                    One thing you will see most everyone agree on is their TS3650 table saw. Most would say that it is the best/most saw for the money on market. I own one and would agree.

                    I also have various other ridgid power tools, drill, nail guns, etc. and I like all of the ones that I own. I will not buy woodworking tools on brand alone. I dont believe that any one company makes the best of everything.

                    Overall, I do like Ridgid branded tools.



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                      Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

                      My opinion of any tool is usually based on it's own merits within a classification and price point. It's not always useful to view a brand on name alone and expect a valid correllation across the entire lineup. Most brands don't typically make all winners or all losers. The Ridgid jointer, 3650, and planers seemed to be well executed designs, while the BS and former lathe aren't to that level IMO. Most of the hand tools seem to be well received, but I haven't used them so I can't say from hands on experience.

                      With that said, my overall view of Ridgid is pretty favorable, but it fluctuates a bit depending on what other brands are compared.


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                        Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

                        Growing up I remember my dad talking about ridgid plumbing tools and how great they are. "Save your money and buy Ridgid" he would say. This sentiment, I believe, is still the same today with minor exceptions(lenox tubing cutters). I have noticed a drop in quality since they merged with HD. Maybe a bad production run slipped through QC. Who knows?

                        The bad thing is that I think Ridgid jumped on the power tool bandwagon without proper research. I'm a Dewalt man when it comes to cordless. When Ridgid first came out, they wouldn't stay on the shelves. Contractors were thinking the power tools were the same quality as their plumbing tools. Not the case. When I go to HD now, Ridgid's power tools are on the discount table collecting dust and greedly being snapped up buy wives who think it's a good deal for their husbands. I see contractors walk out of HD with Dewalt, Makita and Milwaukee.

                        The best thing Ridgid can do is drop their cordless,power tool line. These inferior tools harm Ridgid's reputation. When a son and father are working together and the dad says "don't buy Ridgid power tools, they suck", the son hears "Ridgid sucks" and doesn't differentate between the two lines. If half of a car manufactur's line is bad, people will soon think that company builds bad cars. Human nature is to generalize. That's what happened to the big three. The same can happen to Ridgid in the future.
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                          Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

                          Is Ridgid owned by HD or any such thing? I thought they just had distribution agreements.


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                            Re: So what do you all think of Ridgid??

                            I think that the Ridgid line of hand plumbing tools for the most part are great tools. Yes, there are some items that need improvement but that goes with any company. Everyone I personally know holds high regard for their drain cleaning equipment as long as you buy their professional models and stay away from their DIY line. When it comes to a lowering of quality this is happening to all brands. If they made the very best product they can, we would not be willing to pay for them. It really is that simple. When it comes to the Ridgid line of woodworking machinery, I don't own any as I really don't need them as of now. As for their hand held power tools the same applies. I do personally feel hate towards TTI as they are destroying Milwaukee one way or another. They also made a big mess out of AEG. TTI is a greedy monster hog that I want to see become history and fast. That doesn't mean everything they touch is crap, but it does make me very upset about the use of child slave labor in factories over in China. For cordless tools I have a few Dewalt and a few Makita. Both have served me well and I have no wanting of replace them. My corded tools are from many different brands. When I do buy a nice new SCMS it will be either a top Bosch or Makita. That doesn't mean all others are junk, but they just aren't as good. For a table saw, when I buy another most likely I'll get a Delta Unisaw or a Powermatic 66 and they most likely won't be new ones. Having used both in the past, I just don't think I would ever like a lesser machine. I enjoy fixing up quality machines. I also really feel either is a long term investment.

                            Now lets get back to Ridgid and plumbing tools. If I need a new pipe wrench, it most likely will be Ridgid. As for pipe and tubing cutters, I have choices and will look them over with care. I own Ridgid and I own 2 older Ridgid manual threaders. I bet both of the threaders and my cutters will outlast me as long as I can buy replacement parts for them. So far = so good.

                            I think it's past time that Ridge Tool Co. bust free from Home Depot when it comes to their porfessional plumbing tools and machinery. The DIYer isn't looking for such. As to ever allowing TTI to use the RIDGID name that was disasterous IMO. For a good shop vac, I'm sorry but no more Ridgid for me as parts and service are a PITA. There are other brands and I don't mean ShopVac, but ShopVac does make some good ones, only they are not sold in box box stores.


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                              Re: So what Do u all think of Ridgid??

                              I'm like B.D.....

                              The best part of my story is, my tools have never broken down and been to a repair shop, so this should tell you something about Ridgid....
                              Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....


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