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chain saw project

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  • chain saw project

    My son, the chain saw fanatic, just bought a new STIHL monster saw. He doesn't even have a fire place but loves smoke and power. (he has 5 now!) He wanted a custom box for his new "baby" and dear ol dad was enlisted for that task.

    Here is his "plan", traced out on a piece of T-111. LOL

    I needed to put in compartments so I dado'd in 1/4 by 1/4 slots for all the dividers. I don't have a fancy router guide or attachment, just a nice straight piece of scrap and two "C" clamps. I just measured the distance from the bit to the edge of the router base and set the board that distance from where the dado needs to be and made my cuts. Works every time and costs nothing. The box is made from 13 ply, 3/4" Birch plywood. Dividers are 1/4" birch mdf core. The lid and front and back top edges of the box have 3/4" by 1" Maple edging so the screws on the hinges and latches have something good to screw into.

    A little test fitting then glued in all the dividers.

    I put two coats of oil poly in the inside and one coat on the outside, then 5 coats of STIHL orange on the outside. Added massive handles, hinges and latches and presto! Monster saw box! (46" wide!) It holds the saw, helmet, mix oil, 4 spare chains, spare bar, one gallon of gas, one gallon of bar oil, first aid kit, took kit and maybe room for a pizza or two!

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    Re: chain saw project

    Thank goodness you included a compartment for safety equipment

    The box is nicer than the chainsaw
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      Re: chain saw project

      LOL, when he saw it, he asked how much he owed me. I told him $800!!! LOL Settled on the cost of the materials. (work is real slow now and $ are tight)

      We're headed up to high country next weekend for 3 days with friends. Cutting wood for them. Should be 6 of us plus a big gas splitter. Should be a fun weekend, providing no one cuts off a leg!

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        Re: chain saw project


        Be sure eveyone is careful and wears safety gear. What model STIHL is that bad boy? By the way you should take some good pics of the box and send them along with measurements to Stihl customer service. I bet they would love to have such nice boxes. On the other hand you might not be able to stand making them.

        For safety reasons do not put a fuel can inside the box. Leave it out in the open just in case it leaks or vents off fumes.

        While not in the instructions when a chain saw is new please give the fuel mix a little extra oil but not too much. I like to use about 0.9 to 0.95 gallons of gasoline for every 1 gallon called for. This is for batch #1 fuel mix. Then run as they say too and do not use cheapo oil. It really pays to use their good oil for fuel mix and for bar & chain lube. Also please use 89 Plus grade gasoline. Regular 87 mixed with oil pre-ignites and can cause engine damages. The Stihl and Echo service centers in my area post this as a warning to customers.
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          Re: chain saw project

          All the guys with chain saws are experienced users, my son included. I had a big McCullah (sp?) years ago. We all work safe and not close to each other. My son and I wear steel toe high top leather boots and heavy gloves.

          Good suggestion on the gas can too. Not good to store gas in with a hot saw.

          I may send some pics to the company. My son suggested building another one and taking to where he bought his and see if they'd like to try to sell it. I really think most guys would just toss the saw in the truck and go. The box may be a tad "over the top" for most folks.
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            Re: chain saw project

            A friend of mine that mostly does yard work has 2 nice Stihl chainsaws. He has nice plastic cases for them. Just tossing one into a truck or the trunk of your car is asking for damages. I bet people that paid good $$$ for saws and accessories (their own $$$ that is) would love to have a nice box made up like your making.

            Hint: TWM -- Wake up here and think about making custom boxes for people with nice new high value power tools. Many of the kits only come with stupid tool bags anymore. If they have a case it's some junko plastic thing designed by a totally coo coo fool and made of very poor grade plastic. That's one thing I have to say for Milwaukee is that their optional steel tool cases are nice. Someone that has a really nice router would love a good wood case for it that has really well planned out bit storage.

            I bet if you worked with a professional trading assistant (super seller) with eBay that you could sell those boxes faster than you can make them up. Good pictures really help sell things.


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              Re: chain saw project

              Every good tool needs a proper home


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                Re: chain saw project

                Very nice job
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                  Re: chain saw project

                  I know this may seem crazy but try adding some outdoor carpet as a liner inside the box. This is to help keep everything from moving around and getting banged up. You may want to make special compartments for the safety gear so goggles and face shields won't get scratched. Give this some time and thinking over. I'm sure all of you will come up with some great ideas.
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                    Re: chain saw project

                    Ah, Chainsaws my favorite tool. Looks like a MS440. You did an outstanding job and made a real nice home for that beautiful saw. I have big, heavy, much older Homelites 360, Super XL, they don't come close to the running speed and power of the Stihls. I do think using Amsoil 2 cycle synthetic mix has extended the life and improved the performance of my saws. I've noticed with those Stihls the top cover seems to be a weak spot and the bottom always gets scuffed up. Once again, great job.


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                      Re: chain saw project

                      Very cool box Mark, nice job on that
                      Cheers! - Jim
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                        Re: chain saw project

                        very nice job on the boxes but i bet people wold be more willing to buy either metal or plastic boxes. it is more of a long term thing as the wood box is more of a look at me kinda thing. just my opion though. and i also agree do not put gas in that box.
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                          Re: chain saw project

                          Terrific job on the tool box, man that looks fantastic... Name:  c5b3209a244d2b84341ecbbc896a59de.gif
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Size:  1.2 KB
                          Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....


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                            Re: chain saw project (Stihl Toy Saw)

                            This is a link to a STIHL chain saw for young people. It's a toy but looks pretty much like the real thing. Maybe this would make a nice gift for the younger family member(s).

                            Here is the big beast model. This should be able to do some serious cutting. I have seen one of these outfitted with a bar of about 4 feet.

                            No Santa I really can't use one but maybe you can let me have a junior model like a MSE220. My old "Little Red" gasoline one still runs fine, but it's NG for use in the garage. The MSE220 would work however.
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