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Why do you like NASCAR

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    Re: Why do you like NASCAR

    Originally posted by Gofor View Post
    I quit watching NASCAR when it went from being who won the most won the big prize to a numbers game. When everyone on the track was putting it all out to win instead of playing it safer to get into the right numbers slot, it was true racing.


    I dunno... I'm only a recent fan, but I don't really see them playing it safe rather than going for the win. Just look at Jimmie Johnson over the past few races!

    I suppose he was playing it safe yesterday but he sure as hell wasn't a couple weeks ago racing for the win!

    Ultimately, while Gordon probably played it safer over the whole season to get the points lead he had before the Chase, in the end it was the guy with the wins that took home the big prize, and those bonus points he had going in certainly helped him along with that!