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Something too consider next time u call the boss a dumb arse.

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  • Something too consider next time u call the boss a dumb arse.

    Something too consider next time u call the boss a dumb arse.

    Why useless bosses always hire idiots

    Insecure bosses create office 'pods of incompetence'

    By JASON KIRBY -- Maclean's

    2007-11-19 00:00:01

    To be a good boss, surround yourself with great and talented people. It's one of the most oft-repeated bits of advice from business gurus like former General Electric honcho Jack Welch, while whole chapters of management books are devoted to its practice. But incompetent bosses have found a better way to survive the modern work world - they just hire employees who are even more useless than they are.

    A new study by researchers in Europe has added to the growing swell of evidence that managers who feel they aren't good at their jobs tend to surround themselves with less competent employees. Researchers at the University of Granada in Spain and University of Lovaina in Belgium suggest insecure bosses do so in order to "try to prevent subordinates from becoming competition for them."

    Numerous studies in recent years have pointed to a proliferation of crummy bosses and their inept underlings in the workplace. This is a serious cause for concern, warns John Hoover, author of How to Work for an Idiot. He says bad bosses are forming ever-expanding "pods of incompetence." When truly good executives move on to other jobs or retire, a vacuum forms at the top. "The loud sucking sound you hear is all the pods of incompetence being drawn one level higher on the organizational food chain," he says. "That's how incompetent leaders find themselves wielding incredible power and influence."

    Hoover says human resource departments at companies have largely failed to halt this cycle. "HR executives ultimately sit by helplessly as bad bosses hire sycophants," he says. By the time HR types do step in, the damage to the company has been done, and fixing the mistakes is next to impossible.

    Of course, this all raises some interesting and awkward questions. Studies have found anywhere between one-quarter and 75 per cent of employees think that they could do a better job than their bosses. But if those same bosses hired them, maybe grumbling employees should ask themselves why they're there in the first place.

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    Re: Something too consider next time u call the boss a dumb arse.

    Good thread

    There is so much i want to add to this, but i would be writing a book.
    I believe in all those scenerios...The best way to be a great boss...or employeer in my mind is to make sure you have your ts crossed and your I(s) dotted....I dont know about big corporate companies..but i know in small business, ecspecially in need good need good procedures....

    I believe in procedure not a huge company....yet, but in the years to come i see Drain Medic as being a premeire company...I want serveral employees...I want a CSR, Dispatcher, HR Dept, Office Manager, Service Manager, Field Supervisors, and Techs...(certain levels).

    Being a good boss doesnt mean giving raises everyday....patting you on the back everyday...sure those things are nice, and so is recognition..i understand that...but, if you dont have procedures in place for your company, then your employees are going to walk all over you.....

    Being a boss or business owner, you need to stand firm on everything you believe in about your company...Follow all your company procedures..follow company guidelines...when one of your employees doesnt follow the procedures, then you bring him into the office, sit down with him and go over the manuel together where it says the rules that you didnt follow...verbel warning 1st....then so on....

    Anyone who owns a business and anyone who works for one, knows that (A)
    your always going to have employees who think they know more then you. (B) Your always going to have employees who are just there to collect a paycheck, and not willing to go the extra mile. (C) Your always going to have the employees are the ones who likes to get everyone else in trouble..

    So thats where the procedure manuals come into play...Everyone has to play by the same rules...That would get rid of the blame game...Have company meetings once a week with your employees, listen to their the manuals with your employees..ask what they like, what they dont like...

    Sorry, i know im rambling...but ive seen this for yrs...I thought my bosses were dumb, but then realized that they just didnt have the right procedures in place...They worked long and hard for over a year, hiring a business advisor and it changed the company alot....After that i gained the respect for my bosses, and treated the company like it was my own.....

    Now i know what it takes, and how to be a successfull business owner, and im only excited for the future knowing what i have that layes ahead of me...

    Just my opinions, not saying that would be for everyone..but just my view


    (Sorry if this doesnt make sense...its 330am here LOL and im exhausted)
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