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After Dinner Meal, Hey All

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  • After Dinner Meal, Hey All

    Man I thought I was going to explode, I think I just gained 10 more pounds , how about all of you ???

    Now I want a cigarette after that meal, but I must refrain. I think I'll whip out a X-Mas movie, and watch it with the family...

    Have a wonderful evening to all of my IIF's here at Ridgid....

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    Re: After Dinner Meal, Hey All

    i am not imagainary!!,lol but i sure do know the feeling.
    9/11/01, never forget.


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      Re: After Dinner Meal, Hey All

      I went into this meal thinking I would control myself and eat a large meal. I ate some much I wasn't comfortable sitting down for an hr afterwards because it put pressure on my stomach And now its wearing off so I am thinking about eating more


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        Re: After Dinner Meal, Hey All

        I made the turkey and brought it to my sister in-laws where they started the eating frenzy with lasgagna. We ate for hours and then had the nerve to eat desserts. I look like I'm pregnant and don't really want to think about my next meal.


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          Re: After Dinner Meal, Hey All


          Thank gosh i'm not stuffed...Loved the turkey breast and smashed potatos with gravy..

          Robert will eat pumpkin pie for dessert later with whip cream..

          I don't like pumkin pie



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            Well, I turned the one and only

            call that came in....let the phone ring and prayed it wasn't a repeat customer that left a message.

            But the meal was really good, went right outside and worked on my plumbing rig for 3 solid hours after everyone left.

            The dog however enjoyed plenty of turkey until he went behind the couch and turned it into big pile of turkey ala king.
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              Re: After Dinner Meal, Hey All

              We also had a bunch of King Crab to go with our turkey.
              The problem was that the shears weren't cutting it.

              Hee hee, I went out to my van and got my good ole Yellow, Red, and Green Handled..............Yep you guessed it, Tin Snips.

              I washed em up real good and everyone enjoyed.