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    Re: Whats in your wallet?

    Originally posted by Orange Apron View Post
    Pocket peeler is a local thing around here I guess. Schools use them as fundraisers. For $10 you get about 20 different coupons for special offers. The best of them is 4 10% off coupons to HD (max savings $50) then a bunch of "buy one get one" at alot of fast food places.
    Ah, OK. We get them as a big booklet with hundreds of coupons for $30 from the academic boosters club. Much too big for a wallet, though. Never saw small ones. That would be handy. We never seem to have the book when we're somewhere we could use a coupon. It is always in the other car...


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      Re: Whats in your wallet?

      - Pic of my boys
      - Pic of my neice
      - Pic of my boys with their cousin (my nephew)
      - 4 credit cards
      - 11 medical insurance and perscription cards (mine and my wifes)
      - 4 receipts
      - a Cleveland Indians ticket from this summer
      - 9 business cards
      - 5 scraps of paper with phone numbers
      - SS card
      - Sams Club membership card
      - Subway gift card
      - Baldwin Wallace Student ID
      - 75 bucks cash

      ====== removed from wallet because of this thread =====
      - 40 cash
      - 9 medical insurance cards
      - cleveland indians ticket
      - 9 business cards
      - 5 scraps of paper
      - 4 receipts