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Black Friday Christmas Shopping

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    Re: Black Friday Christmas Shopping

    Originally posted by Orange Apron View Post
    With the Best Buy computers, were you able to tell them how many you wanted when they handed out the tickets? I was tempted to get into line but my wife had to work early so there was no way she was going with me. I talked myself out of it thinking that it woul dbe one doorbuster per person.

    Im sure there will be something again next year, and if I decide to go for it Im going to get goofy and bring the Weber, maybe borrow a generator for a little TV or computer LOL.

    Instead I stayed up late at home and waited for Wal Mart to drop allow things to be purchased online at the special prices. I ordered 3 Nintendo DS's and a bunch of other things. I was done shopping by 3:00 and celebrated the fact until 4:30 am <---is how my head still feels though
    With the doorbuster computers...they were only giving out 1 ticket per computer per customer..TomTom was a good deal to 119 bucks ...not to bad
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      Re: Black Friday Christmas Shopping

      On Wednesday I got a 26" flat panel TV for the bedroom for less than Friday's price for the same model. Then Saturday evening when everyone was tired of shopping and the stores empty, I traded it for the same model elsewhere but 32" for the same price.

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