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  • Idea for older threads


    How much trouble would it be to add some manor of coding to show threads that have been inactive for a year or longer?

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    Re: Idea for older threads

    Perhaps a script could be run that locks all posts that are more than 2 years old. I've seen this done on other sites.

    This keeps the threads available so if there's good information, people can still find it, but it prevents things from being dragged back from the dead.


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      Re: Idea for older threads

      But then we couldn't talk about ways of getting rid of pesky moles from our yards (for those of you that remember that one)


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        Re: Idea for older threads



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          Re: Idea for older threads

          do you something like this josh?.

          Man electrocuted by do-it-yourself mole-killer
          Posted Jan 11, 2007 by Brandigal in Lifestyle | 4 comments | 338 views

          A man made a home made mole killer ended up killing himself.

          A 63 year old retired man made a high voltage zapper to try and kill the moles digging up his garden.
          He had cables and metal spikes rammed into the ground and attached it to high voltage.
          Instead of killing the moles, he ended up killing himself. He was found dead in his garden.
          A police spokeman said it was enough voltage to run a cement mixer.
          9/11/01, never forget.


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            Re: Idea for older threads

            Woussko, if it weren't for those original thinkers who feel a need to add to a years old thread my Ignore List would be empty.
            Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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              Re: Idea for older threads

              Maybe it's time for the old howling hound to take another flea bath. : Woussko is such a