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Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

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  • Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

    I know this topic has been discussed before, but this evening I went to E-bay and saw close to one thousand ridgid tools for sale.

    One "business" had 45 [forty five] Ridgid 18/24v caulk guns NEW IN THE BOX Under $89.00
    Another has 18V 2.5AH batteries dual packs "brand new in the box" for under $90.00!!!

    My local home Depot has one caulk gun on the shelf and absolutely no 18V 2.5AH batteries of any kind, or many other items.

    These two examples are typical of what's out there. Can someone from Ridgid or Home Depot explain this phenomenon? As everywhere on this site we are told home Depot is the "official distributor of ridgid tools"!!!!!!

    I do recognize some folks buy a kit and sell off tools piece meal but there are more businesses selling Ridgid than Home Depot on E-bay!

    I spoke with a store manager and he was silent and had absolutely nothing to say.

    Now from a dollar perspective often the shipping costs are inflated and buying from Home Depot with sales tax is a better choice...but Home Depot does not have the item in stock!

    My Home Depot stores have never had 24v ridgid batteries or products but they are in abundance on E-bay!

    I want to know where these folks from E-bay are getting ridgid tools? Is there a pallet auction someplace? Is Ridgid missing a boat from china?

    Anyone out there know the secret??????

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

    I dont know all the secrets, but we have a regular customer we call Ridgid Tim (well maybe the cashiers gave him that name LOL). Whenever anything Ridgid goes on sale he buys cart loads full and then breaks up the sets.

    As far as I know though, you will not the get Warranty when buying the tools separately through EBay because you will need the receipt and UPC. In my opinion though the only thing that in most cases would ever need servicing/replacement are batteries. Im actually going to be hunting EBay for an 18/24v flashlight soon.


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      Re: Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

      The way that I understand it, Home Depot is the only retailer authorized to sell NIB RIDGID tools. There are however hundreds of wholesale distributors out there that have access to RIDGID tools, i.e. plumbing supply houses, electrical supply houses, etc. Maybe they just do a better job of stocking certain RIDGID products than HD does. Lots of profit in eBay sales!
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        Re: Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

        good day Orange Apron. there are two flashlights on E-bay and the last price I saw was around $23.00. Beat that Home Depot! Well they never offered a flashlight by itself!

        By the way, I do agree and acknowledge the fact there are folks that buy large quantities of Ridgid tools at Home Depot when there is a sale..
        I did mention this in my rant.

        I want to know where the folks get "brand new in the box" not broken kits!
        And how can someone buy 45 caulk guns at home depot for $119.00 and then list them as "buy now" for $89.00!

        Cactus Man


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          Re: Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

          The "Black" or "Gray" market has always been there, and the manufacturers/retailers don't seem to be too worried about the sources for these items. While I suspect that there's a lot of stuff going out the side door at both the factory and the various shipping/receiving ports, it would seem to be a leak that isn't worth the effort to plug.

          I remember when I was shopping for a 35mm SLR, years ago, that such trafficking was so prevalent that I had to take extra care to ensure that any discount purchase wasn't "gray market", without warranty or service available.

          This seems to be the situation with Ridgid (and I imagine others). While you can find a vast array of immediately available tools on E-Bay (at a fraction of the price when compared to Home Depot), there should be no warranty, service agreement, or (for that matter), service available for these items.

          Still, one might think that Home Depot itself would take steps to limit it's part in this E-Bay business. Yet, they place no restrictions whatsoever on how much one person can take advantage of it's sale items. I know I find it a bit upsetting when I show up within an hour of opening and find all 85 of it's Shop Vacs were sold to two or three individuals. While such sales are designed to be customer incentives, the in-store thinking is pretty much limited to making the sale, even if it is all on one receipt. So "free enterprise" quickly turns into greedy profiteering.



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            Re: Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

            Explain to me why there would not be a warranty or guarantee on the tools,

            If new in box, you have the UPC code, and you will get a receipt from the seller of EBay,

            The warranty is not through Home depot it is through One World Technologies, Inc and Ridgid. (I believe that is a point of contention with many buyers of the tools is once bought there Ridgids service center's problem not home depots, when minor things go wrong and Home depot will not help with the fixes).

            It does not say proof of purchase from Home Depot, as far as the wording goes the words "home or depot" are not in the print. It does say "copy of your store receipt and the original UPC from the package of the qualifying product to: RIDGID".
            but I do not see that it specifies a store or a chain of stores. It does not even say authorized dealer that I read. it says "store".

            Yes if they were registered before they would not be eligible, but if your the first to register them.

            From the wording I read I can not see why they would not qualify if new and in box, any one shed any more light on it?

            proportions of the wording below, Again note only part of the wording below.


            This product is manufactured by One World Technologies, Inc., under a trademark license from RIDGID, Inc. All warranty communications should be directed to One World Technologies, Inc., attn: RIDGID handheld and stationary power tool technical service at (toll free) 1-866-539-1710. ...

            In addition to the 3-Year Limited Service Warranty currently included with RIDGID® Brand Hand Held Power Tools Stationary Power Tools, and Pneumatic Tools, purchasers of these products may elect for a limited time to receive a free Lifetime Service Agreement. To accept this Lifetime Service Agreement, you must register your product and submit proof of purchase as described below. The Lifetime Service Agreement provides the original owner of qualifying RIDGID® Brand tools a lifetime of free replacement batteries, free service and free replacement parts subject to the limitations set forth below.

            The Lifetime Service Agreement is available free of charge, for a limited time on all RIDGID® Brand hand held power tools, stationary power tools and pneumatic tools, subject to the terms and conditions stated below. Customers have 90 days from date of purchase to register tools for the Lifetime Service Agreement. ... copy of your store receipt and the original UPC from the package of the qualifying product to: RIDGID ...
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              Re: Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

              I can't say about RIDGID but I do know some companies are now demanding that only an authorized dealer send in the master copy of the warranty and that they keep a customer file at their place showing date, model, serial and such. If the customer has a problem he/she must go through the dealer first before sending it to a factory service center if the dealer can't fix it quickly. If the item is purchased from anywhere but a factory approved and authorized dealer then you are **** as far as getting service or parts for it. In this way the manufacture is protecting their good dealers. So far I have found this is mostly much smaller companies.

              To obtain service or to buy genuine parts, the customer must bring in person the filled out bill of sale and the customer's original warranty card to an authorized dealer/service center.


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                Re: Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

                I just left a message in "Where Have All The Max Select Tools Gone?" thread in regards to being disappointed at not getting to the store in time to take advantage of sale pricing. I was watching for Ebay auctions of Max Select tools from Canadian sellers immediately following the "blow out" pricing here. Sure enough, there they were, all kinds of them listed with reserves just higher than the HD sale price.
                Yes, I feel retailers should put quantity limits on sale items. I have several Ridgid tools, and have been a strong advocate of Ridgid's LSA. Co-workers, family and friends have purchased these tools on my recommendation. Do I feel that selling off twenty circular saws to one customer is wrong? Yes and no. I've managed retail in my past, and if you just want to move product, who cares? However, I knew who my clientèle were, and I would always give them the heads up first. Now, I may not be buying $200,000 a year worth of product from HD, but, as everyone knows, word of mouth advertising is invaluable. HD knows where I live and has all my info, (don't get me going about privacy issues) and my tools are registered at this site. Would it not be wiser to tell you existing customers about deals first, rather than have someone buy a product on ebay, have it break, then be permanently pissed off at Ridgid because they aren't covered?
                I feel sorry for people who are buying tools off Ebay thinking that a warranty would be honoured.
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                  Re: Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

                  In reviewing the Ridgid warranty, under the heading "What Is Not Covered" section, it is specific in that it states: "This warranty applies only to the original purchaser at retail and may not be transferred." If Home Depot is the only authorized retailer, it stands to reason that they would be the only source available to make the retail sale. Purchasing a tool NIB from the original purchaser on Ebay would be considered a transfer and probably would not be allowed under the warranty program guidelines. Good deals can be had, but you will probably forego the warranty.


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                    Re: Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay


                    I think your point is very well taken, and entirely reasonable. But as Spinalzo pointed out, there is a question regarding "authorized retailer". I'm sure that the exclusive agreement between Home Depot and TTI regarding Home Depot being the sole retailer here in the U.S. (and Canada??) is the decisive factor on eligibility for warranty service.

                    So bottom line is that if you buy from E-Bay or elsewhere, those folks are the initial buyer and you then would be the second buyer, which means Ridgid has no responsibility whatsoever to provide warranty service. The proof of purchase always lies with the buyer.

                    What I have difficulty understanding is how these tools show up in such massive quantities on E-Bay and how they can sell for such low prices.

                    I have purchased a couple of combos at clearance prices and if I should want to sell off a less needed component, and E-Bay would be the perfect avenue. But I see hundreds of items being hawked by some of these retailers, and at prices that might make me think they hi-jacked a rail car or something. With such purchases, my own "alarm" would be going off saying that something was amiss. I don't think I would dare expect factory warranty service to go along with the deal.



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                      Re: Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

                      With my Milwaukee and Bosch tools, the repair center says I don't need my receipt. They get the date from the serial number. I don't know how they can tell the exact date from this if it's running close.


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                        Re: Home Depot/Ridgid VS E-bay

                        Not an eBay store but this place in an authorized seller of RIDGID tools.
                        I found the link to their site on the RIDGID web site under "Where To Buy"

                        and they have woodworking powertools listed on their website.

                        And whos to say that some of the sellers you see on eBay are not authorized sellers that are using a name other than their online store name as a way to augment their internet sales numbers?
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