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Some one stole my 24v stuff!

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  • Some one stole my 24v stuff!

    A little late to post this, as it was over a month ago, but my 24v Drill and Saw walked off on a Jobsite that I was working at up north. (MN) Was hoping I would find it here at home and just had forgot that I brought it home (4hrs away) but to no avail, I cant find them. I still have the batteries, sawzall, charger and flashlight from the 4pc kit I bought last christmas, but it just sucks. To just replace the Drill and Saw will cost me almost as much as the kit did. Oh well, just had to vent. The sad thing is, we did all the work on the house but the electrical. he is the only other contractor that was in that house, but I couldnt prove he took it. the house was always locked and no one had a key but us and the home owner. the home owner I know wouldnt have taken it, because well I just know that. Never was broken into either. Oh well, what can ya do? I probably should have filed a report with the local cops, but didnt want to just in case I had brought them home and forgot about it.

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    Re: Some one stole my 24v stuff!

    While this will still hurt, sometimes you can find just the bare tools for sale on eBay. You might also check several Home Depot locations in case they sell off displays or where a tool kit has a damaged too. Hint: Wait until about mid January after all the Christmas rush is over. My bet is they will have specials on clean-out items where they just want them gone.


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      Re: Some one stole my 24v stuff!

      Did you get the name of the electrical contractor? You could always try to approach him about it...maybe he or one of his crew picked it up by accident. I am not trying to defend someone if they really did STEAL your tools, but he may have gotten back to his shop and is now wondering where these Ridgid tools in the back of his truck came from... It's worth a shot at least to contact the homeowner and ask for the electrical contractors name and number. You don't have to tell the homeowner whats going on so as not to involve them (unprofessional ya know) just simply ask for the name and number. You could also ask the homeowner to look around the site for you just to make sure you didn't accidentally leave them there...unlikely, I know, but it wouldn't hurt. I find all kinds of random tools from time to time that someone has dropped in an attic or crawlspace. I once found a Maglite in an attic burried in the insulation. Aside from that, sorry about your loss...I am VERY ATTATCHED to my Ridgid tools and losing any one of them would be like losing a family member!


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        Re: Some one stole my 24v stuff!

        Bummer on the walking tools. I like both of the suggestions.
        Recent Ebay "Buy it now" prices for new Ridgid 24V drills and saws have been in the $60-70 range. Fairly decent although you don't get the LSA.
        I would get the phone number for the electrician and give him a call and ask if he may have "mistakenly picked up the tools." Give him an out and hopefully the guilt might have been working on him and he might admit that a "helper" picked them up and he was so busy....blah, blah, blah.
        Who knows? Good luck....Ray


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          Re: Some one stole my 24v stuff!

          I am often amazed how fast tools can sprout legs and walk away without anyone seeing a thing.

          Not sure what the crime rate is in your area but here if I can't see my tools from where I'm working they need to be locked up in the truck or job box.

          Tools are my bread and butter and I hate when people steal my food.