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    Any Oklahoma fans on here? I'm not one but I love em for getting the Bucks back into the national championship The nail isn't in the coffin yet but its looking pretty good. for OSU!

    Go Bucks!

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    Re: College Football


    My puppy was born in Oklahoma


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      Re: College Football

      I'm not a football fan either, the only reason I'm following the college games is because University of Hawaii is 12-0 after tonights win over the Washington Huskies .

      On Sunday we find out if we get in to a BCS bowl game.

      Yay team!



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        Re: College Football

        Big College Football fan here, but my team didn't do so wonderful. I like all the Big Ten teams........
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          Re: College Football

          Hawaii has had an awsum season and deserves to be there

          A couple of big upsets yesterday huh?

          Go Hokies!


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            Re: College Football

            I love the college game, it's real football without the prima donna's. Don't get me wrong, I also like the pro game but I find college football much more exciting.

            P.S. The NCAA assigned Hawaii to the top division in college football and Hawaii is the only undefeated team in that division then Hawaii should be playing in the national championship game. The strength of their schedule should not be a factor. If strength of schedule is such a big factor then the NCAA needs to address that issue when they assign colleges which division they will be playing in. Just my .02ยข.
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              Re: College Football

              Well, all decisions have been made and invitations accepted. I am sorry about Hawaii not getting in, but I do feel that the best two teams will be playing in the National Championship Game. It should be a good game if LSU doesnt fall apart without the defensive coordinator since he took the head coaching position at Nebraska??

              There was a comment about "schedule strength" not playing a part in selections. Personally I feel it has too. There are too many instances where a team could have a great year and play marginal teams. Anyone remember a few years ago when Tulane went undefeated and screamed about playing for the Championship. Not to come down hard on Tulane, but they would have been destroyed and the game would have been a joke.

              Anyway, have a great day.