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Sump pump - Design question

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  • Sump pump - Design question

    First off... I work with computers, not home construction or plumbing... be kind...

    Our basement is roughly 5 feet into the earth, meaning there is a 5 ft of foundation behind the wall. The room is 20x12.

    We have 2 sump pumps on the southeast and southwest corners of the room.

    Southwest pump sits 24 inches under the foundation.

    Then southeast sits 18 inches under the foundation. This sump pump is engages more because the east side of the room is closer to the external of the house. The southwest pump is located in the middle of the overall home. Odd design I know...

    Under extream conditions (like this week in the Northwest) we will have some minor flooding along the east side of the wall.

    Now my question: If we were to dig the southeast drum deeper... say another 24 inches. Would that relieve the pressure and stop the flooding? Or would the installation of another sump pump along the north side of the room be a better option?

    All the water from the roof is handled by drainage pipes to the sewer... It might be a water table issue.

    We purchased this home without the specifics on how the construction was built. I'm in the process of contacting the city to get the permit designs before I start "exploring" and taking down the finished wall.