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  • Best Cordless Phone

    Hey Forum Members,

    I'm in the market for some new cordless phones. Probably the sets that have 3-4 handsets in them.

    What brand(s) is your favorite and why?
    What brand(s) aren't your favorite and why?

    Currently I'm using Unidens and 1 Panasonic on my Fax Machine.

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    Re: Best Cordless Phone


    I currently have a V-tech 4 station system in my home. (Piece of crap in my opinion).

    Ordered a Panasonic set this weekend. I have had the best luck/range with them.

    Have also had a motorola set (4 station as well) and liked everthing but battery life.

    I am not saying Panasonic is the best out there, but I have had the most luck with them over years past. This will be my first multi-station set of them however. Time will tell.



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      Re: Best Cordless Phone

      I have a Uniden TRU-9485 that comes with a base station digital answering machine and 3 phones. The base station is a fully functioning speaker phone as well, if you have managed to carry all 3 phones out to the garage you can still answer/make calls inside.
      The phones can link directly to each other to use as short range walkie-talkie, they can be used as a room monitor, they can intercom between any 2 or all units.
      The range is excellent, I can go to my neighbours barn which is about 400' from my base station and still get calls but that is about the limit of reliable service.
      You can add to the system if you find that 3 phones is not enough, the system will support up to 10 phones
      The 5.8 GHz system does not interfere with my wireless LAN.
      Overall I find this to be an excellent system that has exceeded my expectations


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        Re: Best Cordless Phone

        for the most part Panasonic makes a good product. but any product is only as good as the service center that may have to work on it. but then again most electronic devices are disposable now days.

        our Panasonic worked great until our power company spiked it to electronic heaven.

        we had 2 v-tech phones and both sucked. i'd also stay away from LG stuff.

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          Re: Best Cordless Phone

          I've been very happy with a panasonic set I've had for a few years. Other than one phone going missing, and another almost going missing (I found it in our recycle bin after my wife nearly tossed it out), there's been no issues.

          Just don't buy refurbished. They sell them at the flea markets around me wrapped in plastic as refurbished and I had issues with a replacement handset I got that way.


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            Re: Best Cordless Phone

            Put me on the Uniden list. Got the 3 pack from Sams Club. Seem to work fine.


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              Re: Best Cordless Phone

              I bought a GE last year and it was simply cheaper-than-cheap, so I took it back. I then bought a Vtech. It's only a single phone, but from what I've seen the multi-phones are the same model handset.

              In any case, the Vtech 5.8 GHz has worked fine for me, nice features, lighted buttons and screen, and all the usual dial and memory features, including volumn controls, battery, etc.

              Most important for me, the audio is good on both transmit and receive and it has decent range. I locate the base on the second floor and everything in the house, yard, and garage is within range. Working at the future home, the phone might not get returned to it's charge base for three or four days, and so far, it's held up well. (I've had it just over a year.)



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                Re: Best Cordless Phone

                I had Sanyo cordless for the last 16 years or so. Never had a problem - their DSS phones were the best phone, in my opinion, when they showed up about 10-12 years ago. Right now I've got a 2.4GHZ Panasonic 2 handset set going and a Panasonic 5.8GHZ 2 handset going in the same house(2 different numbers). Both work great with no interference - I use the 5.8GHZ more than the other. Uniden and Vtech low end look really cheap, so does GE. I've seen some Motorola that look good in their higher end models, but I haven't used them. I used to sell small business phones years ago and Nortel used to have some sweet cordless sets then, but unfortunately those days seem long gone. Whatever you get, grab some extra batteries(dirt cheap on eBay) so that you won't get sucked into paying 15 or 20 bucks for a battery when a handset suddenly dies on you. You might want to even use battery availability as a factor in your search, since some of the newer, wilder models I've noticed are using 2 AA-style batteries in the handset rather than your regular-type cordless phone battery. I'd go minimum 2.4GHZ, but aim for 5.8GHZ or higher. I think Sanyo has something they claim is even better/more secure than 5.8GHZ.
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                  Re: Best Cordless Phone

                  Got to second wbrooks on the Uniden. The intercom function is real handy. I think Sam's still has them. Good price also.
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