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  • USPS Shipping Labels - Sizes

    In the past when I used the USPS Priority Mail labels they measured 135mm by 120mm. Yesterday when at the local Post Office, I picked up more and noticed they are smaller. The new ones measure 122mm x 90mm. These sizes include the removable backing. I guess the USPS figures this is a way to save on paper use and also save a little money. I'll try to check this for Express Mail labels when I have a chance. I wonder if they are changing everything to a new and smaller size. Have any of you noticed changes? If yes, please tell more. Some people setup their word processing programs for printing these labels. I guess they will be changing settings soon. I'm currently setup so I can print both sizes of the Priority Mail labels. It's not that hard to change and save the settings but it would be a real PITA if someone didn't notice it and printed out lots of them with things setup wrong.

    The new labels for Priority Mail are 117mm by 85mm for just the label. The older ones had the same size label and backing.