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  • What's wrong with the media?

    Watching nightline last night and there was a segment on a movie "kite flyer" about 2 Afghanistan kids. In the movie, one of them is raped and now the kids who played in the movie are in danger. Paramount has done it's best to ensure their safety by relocating them. The troubling thing is that nightline never asked the question "how screwed up does a country have to be for it's citizens to hurt two kids". They focused soley on the irresponsibilty of Paramount and how it hurt these kids lives forever. Never mind the fact that the kids live in a screwed up society.

    Another example-Joe Horn. He's the hero that killed 2 robbers who were in the act of stealing his neighbors things. That pretty much the story. There are 2 less degenerants of society wasting my tax money and committing more crimes because of Mr. Horn. What does MSNBC do? Spin the race card because the 2 robbers are black and Joe Horn is white. He shot them because they were committing an illegal act.

    We often blame the "media" for the degradation of America but often think of the entertainment business. The "news industry" has to be included in this category. I believe the average American is ignorant when it comes to social issues. We're too busy going through our lives to make our own judgement with national and world issues so we depend on the news media to make that desicion for us. Rather than the news media portray the news and that's it, they spin the news to suit the owner's views, Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch, etc. Until the news media take a hard, self reflecting look at themselves, they will continue to shape the course of American Society when it should be the other way around.
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    Re: What's wrong with the media?

    Frustration felt man, thats why we're becoming the media.


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      Re: What's wrong with the media?

      Well if you are watching Nightline and MSNBC something might be wrong with you!

      Those liberal wack jobs will spoon feed you any twisted story they can push out just to get you to watch.

      It's easy to form an opinion if the media presents it in a manner than you can digest it easily. We all are just a bunch of lemmings soaking up the drool of the nightly news. I try not to get caught up in it.


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        Re: What's wrong with the media?

        the problem is most reporters couldn't get a real job asking the tough questions like, "would you like fries with that?"

        my favorite is an interview with a marine sniper where the CBS head talking head asked, "when you pull the trigger and shoot another human being what do you feel?" the marine replied, "the recoil"'

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          Re: What's wrong with the media?

          Nothing wrong with my media.