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granite counter VS hot pot?

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  • granite counter VS hot pot?

    I finished installing granite tiles as our new kitchen counters. I was wondering about what the granite tiles will tolerate regarding placing a hot pot directly on it. will the tile crack?

    For example..a hot cup of tea, pulling out a glass dish full of hot mac & cheese from the microwave oven, or even taking the roasting pan with a turducken from the oven to the counter 300 degrees F.
    I do have trivets but I'd rather not have to deal with trivets

    oh, I believe the tiles are close to 3/8" thick and are set with thin-set case this will determine a reply.

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    Re: granite counter VS hot pot?

    Granite/natural stone, will probly have one of the greater resistances to heat of most any common counter top materials out there.

    I would suggest jsut setting it on a few pot holders, as with any crystalline material thermal sock can cause stress, I doubt if a hot cup of coffee would cause any problems, but a hot. hot, pan out of the oven I would not want to try or leave it set for more than a few seconds, with out some barrier/ spacer/ insulator for the heat. to dissipate into the air instead of the stone.

    I think common sense is the issue here,

    If would damage most materials it probly had the potential to do damage to the Granite as well, IN the heat stress area, No one won't burn it like other materials, but in extreme situations most any hard material can stress from heat, It is simply do the difference in the expansion rate, you heat one area, and the other surrounding area will not expand as fast.

    (I could probly take red hot iron and place it on granite piece about the same size as the iron and never see any thing happen to the stone, as the stone will all expand at nearly the same rate all around, but if the slab was large and I put the hot iron in the center of it is possible I could split it in half, or pop the top off,
    Rock, cement, stone, has very little tensile (stretch)strength, but great compressive strength, (why a tree root can split a bolder into, or frozen water can).

    Basically I would say treat it much like one would glass like material,

    and there are reports of heat discoloring the sealer used to seal the surface as well,

    and heat could damage the bond with the thin set as well,
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      Re: granite counter VS hot pot?

      thank you BHD

      Cactus Man