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  • Too Common

    Why didn't they just go ahead and take the guy's paycheck, wife, dog while they was at it too?

    They look like rats feeding on fresh found cheese.
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    Re: Too Common

    I had a ladder stolen off my racks so now I chain my ladder. I had a freakin DUST PAN stolen out of the bed when someone found out my ladder was chained! Now I chain my dustpan. Every day.
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      Re: Too Common

      Doing utility work in the streets of the South Bronx was a fun experience. You go to one side of the truck and the junkies loot the other. Everything in the bed was chained down. We had thieves steal a fourteen foot, 200lb aluminum I-beam we used to place and remove cable right from the ground before we placed it in the manhole. They tied it to the top of a car! Found it in front of a junk yard and the owner just gave it back, knew he had stolen property.