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No receipt, it was a gift!, Any ideas???

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  • No receipt, it was a gift!, Any ideas???

    I've searched this site a bit and from what I can see ridgid is pretty, errr, ridgid when it comes to having the receipt. Being Christmas I got a gift (go figure) and of course I don't have the receipt. This must have come up before, most people don't give receipts with there gifts and its in pretty bad taste to ask for one!

    My situation is this. My wife got me a planer for Christmas, its fantastic BTW and it would seem we're going to need the receipt for the warranty. Being the lovely princess that she is (love you honey!), she can't seem to find the receipt. It was bought using her, I mean, our american express. The way I see it I got two options.

    1. Someone here has an idea. (Can I use the credit card statement?)

    2. I return it and buy another. Reading home depots website it looks like I can get store credit. I would really hate to lug this 70 pound machine down to home depot just to get a dumb receipt because ridgid has such stupid rules when it comes to their warranty. Granted my wife lost the receipt, that shouldn't matter. Thousands of people are getting ridgid tools as gifts right now and I am sure hundreds don't have access to the receipt!

    Any ideas???

    p.s. - Home Depot mentions a "receipt look up" service, any one have any knowledge of that?

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    Re: No receipt, it was a gift!, Any ideas???

    have your wife go down to h-d and them print her a new receipt, then have her log into your "e-box" on this site to regerster your new planer and then cut out the UPC bar code and send that and the receipt in to ridgid for your l.l.s.a. and since this is the gift giving time of season i would give them 3-4 months befor you recive your card via snail mail.

    oh and merry christmas to you both!
    9/11/01, never forget.


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      Re: No receipt, it was a gift!, Any ideas???

      I agree with OldSlowChevy. Home Depot can find the transaction and just process you a new receipt and there you have it. I needed a receipt on a cash transaction that was done the day before. I went to Home Depot and all I had to do was provide them with the register where I paid and, as I had paid with a $100.00 bill, it was an easy track for them. Good luck with the planer and obtaining the receipt.