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UPDATE On my lost receipt/HD experience RANT

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  • UPDATE On my lost receipt/HD experience RANT

    For those who don't know, I will recap. Got a planer for Christmas, wife bough it, lost receipt, went to HD to get a new one and... Home depot stinks! The moral of this story is DON'T LOSE THE RECEIPT. Home depot can find your pruchase and print a receipt, BUT you have to go back to the store where it was purchased!!! HOW ^&$&$&((&(*%#%$#%!!! stupid is that? In this day of computers, etc. you would think home depot would have a central data base. Nope. So had my wife not found the receipt we would be driving 150 miles to the HD she purchased the planer at! Why did she buy it there you ask? Our local one didn't have it, and it was on the way back from her Mother's. If thats not bad enough the HD lady, who had the personality of twig, informed me I would need to go to the HD she bought it at AND know what register AND the date she purchased it. Amazing.

    Anyway, all is well we found the receipt. BUT its just amazing in this day of computers, etc. this warranty businiess has to be so difficult. HERE'S AN IDEA HOME DEPOT!!!! REGISTER THE PRODUCT THERE IN THE STORE!!! Wow, I am such a genius, and I didn't even have to walk off with 200 million dollars. Or whatever there former crook CEO got away with.

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    Re: UPDATE On my lost receipt/HD experience RANT

    Ihop, I can't help but laugh because they put me through very similar BS about a year ago. This is a copy of my rant. See if you recognize the "remember which register" complaint.

    Home Depot is a pain in the neck, but I always manage to get sucked back in.

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    H.D. Why do I keep going back.


    I am convinced that there is special training that Home Depot puts their employees through on how to drive their customers crazy. They manage to wizz me off at least once a year, but like an idiot, I keep going back.

    Here is the latest P.O.: The week after Christmas I bought the Ridgid nailer combo w/cordless screwdriver for $118(ish), but I lost the receipt. I have been looking and looking, but it has gone to where all of the missing socks go. Anyway, I am coming up on my 90 days, so I went to HD to have them reprint a receipt. After all, they looked up another purchase I made a few months ago simply by swiping my credit card and retrieving it in their system. However, this time they wouldn't even try. I asked them (at their (lack of) service desk) if they would give it a shot, just for sh1ts and giggles. Nope, wouldn't even touch my card. They told me I had to deal with Bertha upstairs, but first I had to fill out this paperwork telling them exactly what date, the exact amount of the purchase and the exact cash register I checked out from. I told her that info would be on the receipt that I don't have.....and that is why I am here.

    She picked up the phone and called the mighty Bertha upstairs. Bertha as it turns out is the store's Ridgid expert. Bertha tells her that it is too late for me anyway because I have to register the tools within 30 days. However, I am automatically covered by the 3 year warranty. I told her that since she is the expert, she should know that the registration period is actually 90 days, which is the same time period in which a customer can return the product to the retailer for an unconditional refund under "Ridgid's Satisfaction Guarantee". I told her I can return these used tools to you and you would have to give me a full refund. Or, I can go buy another identical set take it home, copy the receipt and bring that back for a full refund (may as well stick my 3 month old tools in the box while I am at it). Why not swipe my card and see what comes up, I asked? Nope, wouldn't do it.

    Why don't these people at least go through some tiny little motions that at least look like they are trying to help us out. They drive me crazy, and I seriously think they actually get a kick out of it. But again, I am the idiot for going back!!!!

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      Re: UPDATE On my lost receipt/HD experience RANT

      Ihop and Joe_d,

      A two or three years ago, Home Depot customers were having a heckuva time because the HD stores were using a thermal-type printer for their receipts. Within a matter of months, these things would fade to nothing, leaving the poor customer with a blank piece of paper. I'm not sure it that has been remedied, but hopefully so!

      In any case, I called the headquarter's office in Atlanta at the time in an effort to bring the receipt problem to their attention. The person I contacted was the Administrative Assistant in charge of their centralized transaction database. As was explained to me, all Home Depot stores keep a data record of all receipt transactions for 30-days. After that, the Atlanta office keeps them indefinitly.

      As I was told, any Home Depot should be able to produce a duplicate receipt within 30 days of purchase; and after that, they should be able to contact Atlanta and procure a duplicate receipt for any customer.

      The two key pieces of information to do this are, 1: the exact date of the purchase, and 2: The store number where the purchase was made. (The database is indexed on the date and store number.)

      One of the biggest problems with Home Depot, is that nobody seems to have a clue as to what procedures exist (or much else for that matter). This of course permeates almost everything that goes on at Home Depot and of course, impacts even the most patient customer.

      Personally, I've learned to immediately scan in all purchases I make at Home Depot. While I think there are many "orange aprons" that do their very best, my average experience with them is that they simply don't know or are mis-informed.

      I hope this helps,

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        Re: UPDATE On my lost receipt/HD experience RANT

        and/or they just don't give a crap.