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funny story from work today.

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  • funny story from work today.

    Doing a slab leak with a plumer today....great guy..teaching me a lot.....soo doing the leak locator thing....customer who is a little strange to begin with keeps trying to talk to him....he explains that he is trying to "hear" the leak and that the equiptment amplafies the noise thats why he's wearing head phones.. ...sooo he needs it quiet...lady goes..ok I understands...were on the other side of the kitchen sink...on a porch...wall shared with kitchen...

    Lady starts doing the dishes.....soo I get sent inside to explain to her that noise is transmited soo please let us now plumer is getting torqued off...

    sooo he's doing his thing...trying to find the location....lady opens window..U all want coffee?? Steam comeing out of plumers ears.....yes fine make coffee...were working....leak detecting thing remeber...

    Sooo lady dumps coffee ground down disposal and turns it on....OMG I thought I was going to have to get one of thouse traqulizer guns u see at the zoo to stop a charging elaphant..... from a helpers stand point it was funny.

    Sooo find the leak....pipe come up the wall....thought the slab and footer 1/2" hot water line....leading to kitchen sink....have customer sign the work order...we will fill slab hole with concrete but DO NOT fix walls...ok no prblem.. jackhammer trhought the slab...knock a 2x3ft hole in the wall...long story short major pain getting the pipe free to cut and job took 4 hours....compared to our usal 2 2/12 hour slab leak detection and repair jobs.....

    Sooo were cleaning up putting stuff on the truck....lady ask me if were going to fix the hole in the block wall (only one wall side is still solid....I explain that we do not repair walls....she goes were is the plumer?? I point to truck..he's doing paper work/bill....she goes and ask him same ???? he shows her work order she signed...with big WE DO NOT REPAIR WALLS...on it.....she goes oh I forgot u said that.

    Some times u just have to laaught at things. But now I realized for my helpers tool kit I need one of them anamil traqulizer dart guns

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    Re: funny story from work today.

    Was she a blonde?


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      Re: funny story from work today.

      Invoices are your best friend, because my handwritting is so bad, I read the customer, line by line, showing them what I wrote.

      When I used to do leak location, loud customers were always upsetting to me. Glad they are loud all around the country and not just here in los angeles.