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Anyone know the scoop on Tru-tv?

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  • Anyone know the scoop on Tru-tv?

    It's formerly Court TV but it's due to change names tuesday.

    I'm thinking why would they screw up a good thing, knowing the name is so well known?

    Lawyers, lawsuits I'm afraid.

    I think that the name connotated something that causes a distortion or complication to the judicial/court system that denotes similarity or same-likeness to the court system.

    Since it is for entertainment purposes, this changes the relation of activities, since it is "actual" court proceedings.

    I'm thinking this is just a guess because why else would they bother?

    Also, the trailers for "Most Shocking" was showing that parked car with the FED-EX trailer coming into view and crashing on the expressway;

    They've been running that commercial for weeks and now in the past few days, they etch out the words Fed-ex off the site of the trailer.

    Who do you think had a card in that move, Fed-ex or UPS figuring it was free advertising for a non discriminate way.

    I'll admit that I'm a forensics buff and the tv is usually tuned to it almost all the time. That's why I noticed these latest changes and thought that maybe these changes are all legal ones for reasons of complaints, not by personal choices of the network.

    Gotta be politically correct!
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    Re: Anyone know the scoop on Tru-tv?

    It is probably because they could not make enough money at court stuff and the name RealityTV was already taken.

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      Re: Anyone know the scoop on Tru-tv?

      Without a doubt Fed-Ex.Anytime someone else uses your name......