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west coast gathering over

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    Re: west coast gathering over

    Originally posted by mrs. westcoast View Post
    It is Zeljka NOT Jeljka!!!!
    Is it pronouced jell kuh?

    "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

    I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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      Re: west coast gathering over

      Originally posted by mrs. westcoast View Post
      It is Zeljka NOT Jeljka!!!!
      Did I mispronounce? bad. I thought it was Zeljka but everyone else pronounced with a J so I followed their lead

      I had a great time too. You guys are the best. Thanks for covering my dinner. The Miso Salmon was fab. Glad you liked the shirts.

      Next time Adam YOU sit next to Rick and I gab with the lovely ladies. My right ear is still red.

      I wanted to chat with everyone more. On the way back to San Diego I remembered stuff I wanted to ask

      Rick, just because I ate your cherry doesn't make me one of you but it was the best I've every had and I'm not just saying that

      Who's the fat guy in the tie?..oh wait that's me

      The internet really does add 20 lbs. but why did it only add it to me?

      Totally worth the 6-1/2 hr flight and 2 hour car ride in torrential downpour

      Let's do it again soon...but not too soon


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        Re: west coast gathering over

        Crack, now you know why my real vacation is sending Rick on a vacation by himself

        The peace and quiet is heaven

        BTW, it was Rick misspelling Zeljka not you mispronouncing it
        I love my plumber

        "My Hero"

        Welcome, Phoebe Jacqueline!


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          Re: west coast gathering over

          thank you crack..i'm trying to do you tube..but then my video is too long then my video is to not sure what they want me to do..trying to compress it now then post inon you tube.thanks for patience


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            Re: west coast gathering over

            so all i can get is thumbnail photos. i'll have zeljka walk me through it later

            so here goes.

            my drink of choice is a chocolate shake.

            zeljka posing with her bling phone as brenda/ mrs touthanow was not impressed.

            the better halves with 1/2 of robert

            crack taking my cherry on our first get together.

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            phoebe it is


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              Re: west coast gathering over

              This was a meeting that had a lot of anticipation from all of us attending.Everytime we get together it seems to get shorter and shorter because of so many things we would like to talk about with our friends.This time together flew by,felt like a half hour.Still,I like being a part of something so special.Thank you for the shirt Crack,it's going to generate a lot of conversation on the jobsite.Gonna be hard waiting for another event.