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wireless universal charger

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  • wireless universal charger

    I was lookin around the net and saw this wireless universal charger for mobile devices.

    Apparently you can charge your phone, mp3 player etc by just placing it on the pad. You can have more than one device charging at once and it looks like they are making these kinds of chargers for all kinds of electronics now, laptops included. At this point you need an adapter that you keep plugged into your device so for our purposes as tool nuts, it wouldn't work yet, but eventually they will build the capability into devices at manufacture.

    I don't see many tool companies trying to take advantage of this in the near future because it is not in their best interest to have us untethered from their line of battery and charger. I would expect them to have to come up with their own, non-universal versions. But won't it be cool when you can just set your drill, circ-saw, impact driver etc down on a pad on on your worksite between using them and have them topping up while they're not in your hand?

    Man, any babies born this year will have no idea what the world used to be like. I am only 33, but I used to have to dial my phone, get up to turn the channel, go to the library when I wanted to find out information about something, carry dimes for the pay phone...


    My toothbrush uses this technology I think,
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    Re: wireless universal charger

    StarTrek ....don't look a futuristic as it use-to.... makes me wonder whats next!

    Years ago if you told me we would have an electric rotary tooth brush
    or a cordless drill to drive screws I would have laughed and said what for?

    Now my cordless drill is the first thing I go for even if I have one screw!

    Beam me up Scottie!
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