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Sewer explosion video

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    Re: Sewer explosion video

    Just envision a rolling wave from the ocean coming ashore,

    It's momentum propels forward, then retreats because it's either approaching a blockage or restriction and that's where the path of least resistance rears its head.

    This happens in potable water supply systems all the time when a fire truck arrives to your neighborhood, cracks open a fire hydrant too fast.

    That volume drop always has a counter effect which will produce tremendous pressure spikes in the area.

    If you have a PRV, you might have a chance, if you don't you might be having washing machine hoses, supply lines, water heater blow out or a T&P open up.

    The weakest link in the chain is first to show its ugly head. The dynamics of water are immense given certain situations. I'm surprised this sort of thing hasn't happened more often. I'm sure it has, just not on video.

    We opened manholes on city streets all the time with a Spartan 1065 like it was no big deal; 2" PVC with a street 45 on the end, go to work.

    Our company could of been named "Bad neighborhoods r us" with the jobs we took. Bad area? We do that.
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