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    Re: Super Bowl Predictions

    I think I agree with you Aaron. I think they have a great shot now. I am impressed.


    Originally posted by Aaron91 View Post
    At the end of the 3rd Quarter.

    Patriots- 7

    Giants- 3

    Man, if the Giants can just score a touchdown I think the game will be theirs.


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      Re: Super Bowl Predictions

      End of the 4th Quarter...

      Patriots- 14

      Giants- 17

      Bye Bye Perfect Season!

      Great Job Manning!
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        Re: Super Bowl Predictions

        I'll take the Giants by 3

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          Re: Super Bowl Predictions

          Originally posted by garager View Post
          New England 35

          NY Giants 24

          Tom Brady will not choke this game....
          Originally posted by DuckButter View Post
          My guess is 24-14..Pats.
          Originally posted by DUNBAR View Post
          Final score

          Pats 58, Giants 27
          Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
          I predict:

          Pats 49

          Giants 10
          Originally posted by BadgerDave View Post
          Pats 42, NYG 21 Why? Because I have 3 in a 10 number pool!
          Originally posted by Josh View Post
          Patriots by 10
          Originally posted by Drain Medic View Post
          Pats 37-17
          Looks like me and Aaron got it right, gooooo Giants.
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            Re: Super Bowl Predictions

            Originally posted by hewood View Post
            The Pats haven't played all that well in the past couple of games, and the Giants have....but I see the Pats putting it together as they did so many times this year and having a breakout game, and the Giants reverting back to playing only two solid quarters of the game and Tom Coughlin having some sort of a medical melt down in the process.

            I don't have a favorite in the race today, but having watched both teams play a number of times this year, I'd love to see history made today....after that, I'll be as tired of seeing the Pats win as anyone.
            ....About the only thing I was right about was that I don't have a favorite playing!


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              Re: Super Bowl Predictions

              Well I can honestly say that Tom Brady did not choke on the game, his offensive line sucked tonight, they were really bad and the Giants defense was just awesome. Sad to see that N.E. didn't go all the way, but their team should be proud of this year season..... Good game, wrong turnout for me..... oh well, I'm a Lions fan anyhow.....
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                Re: Super Bowl Predictions

                Props to the NY Giants (I'm a Patriots fan)


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                  Re: Super Bowl Predictions

                  Brady shot a few scuds, offense wasn't helping him either.
                  Like I said, Manning reminds me of Brady's earlier years...good game.