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    Re: Shoe Booties

    Originally posted by woodenstickers View Post
    My company just started supplying booties with the rest of the material for our jobs. The material is packed in Texas. I have a feeling the packers do not really understand the concept of the booties as so far I have only got ONE per job.

    Sounds like a marketing promo.


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      Re: Shoe Booties

      Originally posted by DUNBAR View Post
      The booties I bought a few weeks ago get a B grade for wearability.

      They are wearing the same as the other brand but what's nice about these is that you can keep adding on a pair without much problem. One call that I was at for a few hours I believe I had 4 pairs on, the last pair good enough to wear to the next call.

      I certainly don't feel bad about the speed they are breaking holes through given the fact that I'm guilty of dragging/sliding my feet across concrete which means I'm taking them outside to the truck.

      I would of been wasting money @ $1.15 a pair going with my plumbing supply house.

      Can you send me the link Dunbar???? not the 1.15 ones, but to the 500 for $59.00

      I am curious and I am low on my botties, so it is time to reorder.

      I wear a size 12, shouldn't be a problem??

      thanks Dunbar.