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Simple Fixes I've Goofed Up and Complicated

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  • Simple Fixes I've Goofed Up and Complicated

    We all make mistakes from time to time with our tools and power equipment. Here are a couple mistakes I won't repeat. I'll admit I lose a lot of sleep due to neck and back pain so I'm a bit loopy but when trying to start my snowblower for the first time a few years back it just would not start. Fresh gas, good spark with key turned on. I dismantled the carb and checked the float, no gas! Realized I never opened the fuel shutoff under the tank. Next brilliant bit of diagnostic work was with my back pack blower which started to sputter. I immediately thought carb problem and went about doing what I do best, making a fool of myself. Fuel pickup got hung up high on side of tank, all I needed to do was fill tank and drop line down. So anyone else want to own up to a simple problem made difficult? If not hope someone gets a laugh at mine.

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    Re: Simple Fixes I've Goofed Up and Complicated

    I've have a number of them that involve my 69 chevelle ss, which generally means it's going to cost a bunch of money. Now, I feel I am fairly mechanically inclined , at least when it comes to automobiles. I have built numberous engines for friends drag cars and all stand the test of time. So when the time came I built myself a hot little 468 cubic incher for my chevelle.

    I installed it over a weekend and broke it in on a monday night. Tuesday rolls around and I want to drive it to work on Wed morning but I have to adjust the valves on the solid lifters first. No problem I've done it hundreds of times so I can zip right through it. I didn't feel like getting out my specialty tools for it so I just grabbed a 1/2" drive ratchet and the approprite socket stuck it on the crank bolt and whizzed right through the adjustments. Valve covers back on. Done. I get up in the morning all excited to drive my new beast to work and I jump in and hit the key and hear the worst noises possible come from under the hood. Yep, in the hurry, I left the ratchet on the crank.

    I went back in the house hung the keys up, grabbed the keys for my camaro instead, and my wife asks why I am not driving the chevelle. I simply responded because it needs a new fan, radiator, radiator shroud and misc. other new items.

    That one stunk. That fan still hangs on my garage wall as a reminder to take my time and don't skip steps.



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      Re: Simple Fixes I've Goofed Up and Complicated

      When I was a teenager I did a teardown and rebuild on my 78 SR-500 street thumper.Why does it always seem to be the projects ended late at night when I'm in a hurry to ride.

      AAHHH finished.Time for a speed run,not too heavy in the new rings.Down the street and back,good.Motor stalls in the driveway.Starter won,t turn it over.

      You knew it all along.....NO OIL!!!!

      Well for the rest of the time I owned it it smoked lightly,let me know I had oil in the crancase.

      Anyone need help working on their bike.


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        Re: Simple Fixes I've Goofed Up and Complicated

        True story for you car guys. Back in the late 70's I worked as a fleet mechanic for NYTel. Basically a parts changer, brakes, exhausts, tuneups, etc. Anyway, we had a real nice foreman who would let us work on our own cars when things got slow. One guy took advantage and did some engine tear down stuff on his 69 Firebird, made a mess of the garage with antifreeze all over the floor. Well he gets the timing gears and chain on, puts it all together and when he goes to start it nothing but banging and bad misfiring. Loud as hell racket. He tears it down two more times to realign the timing gears and every time he tries to start it the same disaster occurs. Finally on his third attempt, with misfiring popping loud, the nice guy foreman runs out of his office and swaps a couple ignition wires! That's all it was, the wrong firing order. Engine ran smooth as butter.


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          Re: Simple Fixes I've Goofed Up and Complicated

          Since this has turned into a car story thread, here goes...

          About 10 years ago I had a '90 Montero (4WD). Well, I had just started college, working part time, and needed new rotors up front. So, having done some slight auto work (lots of pad replacements, I can do this!), I figure I'll get it done at 1/2 the cost. Get the rotors, pads, etc., jack up the front end, start on the first rotor. Well, on this "truck", you have to remove the entire hub, seperate the old rotor, and reinstall the new one. To remove the hub, there is ONE bolt. It's a tricky one though. Kind of like a reverse castle nut. So I'm trying and trying, beating the sh!t out of this thing for like 3 hours. Finally, I call the local Mitsubishi dealer and talk to one of the mechanics. He's trying to talk me through it, but I just don't get it. He tells me he'll stop by after work. He shows up, and gets the bolt loose in 10.5 seconds. Turns out, there was a little slip ring deal (I think, it was many beers ago) between the bolt and the hub that my eager eyes just wouldn't see! I gave the guy 10 bucks and some beer, and finished it up the next day...

          Of course, I still hate paying someone to work on my least before I make the problem worse.