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Anyone owns a hybrid suv?

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  • Anyone owns a hybrid suv?

    maybe? ford escape..Think it is the best gets 34 mpg in the city

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    Re: Anyone owns a hybrid suv?

    After talking, I think a Camry with a 4 cylinder would be the best bet.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: Anyone owns a hybrid suv?


      If you and Robert are thinking about one you might also look into special fuel engines such as E85 or Natural Gas. Check the special deals out in Cal on such. I really think before long there will be a better way to go than a hybrid unless the manufactures start putting much larger batteries in them so you can do short runs on just battery power and slow charge the battery overnight.

      Here in MD there are a good many hybrid city buses in use that cost well over $600,000 new. They have been found to have some serious issues and most are where GMC tried to save on manufacturing costs by not doing things right. as for cars and SUVs my feeling is that there are improvements that need to be made before they will really have them right. I would hang in there a year or two (if you can) and see what comes.

      Subaru and Toyota were working on a joint effort to do a little all wheel drive hybrid that was said to be a station wagon and mini SUV design. I'm thinking maybe there will be a hybrid Forester coming along.