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  • Tool Registration

    When you regester a tool online....Do you also have to register through the mail???

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    Re: Tool Registration


    You need to send the UPC, that you cut from the product box, and also a copy of your sales receipt. The UPC must be the original, not a copy.

    You send those two items along with the pertinent information like the product model, its serial number, date of purchase, and of course you address and phone number. It takes three or four months to process this and it is adviseable to make a copy of everything that you send.

    That way, when you haven't received anything four months down the road, you can look at your copy while you bring this to their attention.

    I haven't had a loss yet, but others have stated that their stuff has gotten lost or over looked.

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Tool Registration

      OK...... Thanks!.......So if and when they receive my info.....I should get something from them stating so??


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        Re: Tool Registration

        Tecnically once you've registered the tool online it's registered. However that's all it is is registered. The process that CWS described is actually the steps you need to go through to have your individual tools covered under the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement.

        Sorry CWS, I wasn't trying to be nit picky but just wanted to make sure korte understood the difference.
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          Re: Tool Registration

          Oh I see.......hey thanks! One more for ya. Does Ridgid sell tool bags? I just bought the 18v lith, it came w/2 batts, charger and a bag. The other tools i'm going to get (the maxselect) dont come with bags or anything. I would like to get a bigger bag to carry them all in. Thanks for the info!!