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What time is it? Are you sure?

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  • What time is it? Are you sure?

    Tonight, Saturday, March 8th many of us in the USA need to set our clocks and watches, In the morning when we wake up they won't be correct unless we do it at bed time.

    Please use a known good time standard to set one watch or clock carefully and then set the others from that one. In the morning check your computer clock. It may checkout fine but then with the time change being early this year you may need to manually set it too.

    Don't forget to change the batteries in your clocks, important flashlights and lanterns and other items. Be 100% sure to change batteries in all of your smoke and CO detectors too. Yes it's a pain but it is worth it.

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    Re: What time is it? Are you sure?

    No matter how much snow we got this weekend, this was great news to know that we've finally reached that point where it stays lighter, longer.

    I live by the light of day.
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      Re: What time is it? Are you sure?

      I love the time change, I wish that it was this way all the time. I can work later and be able to see

      I think this should stay this way for the whole country, besides it cuts down on utilities