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Question for the plumber guys and others

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  • Question for the plumber guys and others

    Ok so I'm staying at my mother in laws while getting it together over here to build the house and the other day her waterlines in the house start leaking bad.Now I'm totally not surprised at this as its how things go over here and its all galv pipe directly in and under the concrete and the house is 20 years old.Construction here in this country is umm yea lol.Believe it or not the "plumber ''was going to attempt to fix the old stuff if he could find the leak thats somewhere in or under the main bathroom,cr here or comfort room.I convinced them,at my expense lol to just repipe it all.
    Theres 3 choises of pipe here,galv iron the most common,upvc like this ,or the newest is a thermo joined poly made in germany and china.Waterheaters if a house here has any are point of use heaters in general so really only cold water is piped around.Oh yea and plastic coated iron pipe is unheard of here.Theres no copper or pex here.
    I bought enough upvc to do a total repipe and you'll all laugh at this ...the ONLY concrete/tile saw I could find to buy is a regular old grinder with a diamond blade as thats whats used here.The upvc is slightly thinner then sched 40 pvc in he states and thats the good stuff,kinda inbetween the old sched 160 and 40 in thickness ,the cheap stuff is like sched 160 or 200 real thin.Oh and theres no pvc primer sold either.
    So thoughts on using this upvc on the new house I hope to start in about 5 months?The thermo joined stuff is available mostly and I'd have to buy the special heater tool,it heats the pipe and coupling etc at the sametime then you push em together and it thermo bonds into 1 piece.I got the literature on it and you must heat it a certain amount of time.Under heat it it wont fuse over heat it it'll over expand an wont fit the fitting.Also the thermo bond poly is sold in 3 brand names here and none can be used with the other brand names and the supply houses rarely have the full supply of fittings in stock,forget ordering stuff here as its instock or out till they get it.The 2 story house is being designed with a plumbing chase that'll be common to all bathrooms the kitchen laundry room etc so near all pipe will be surface run in the chase except the wall penetrations as I really dislike the practice here of running pipe directly in the concrete.A semi sched 80 upvc threaded pipe is available in short nipples that I'm thinking of using for the wall penetrations.
    I thought on bringing copper and its fittings over but bringing enough in short pieces in baggage isnt terribly practical.I thought on pex too but with both if it breaks I'd have to order whatever from the states.So basically I'm thinking on bringing pvc primer and solvent over and using this blue upvc pipe.I also don't really want the family drinking from galv pipes either.Oh and the water here is a bit hard ,the soil eats up galv iron about as fast as the concrete eats it.For the waterline into the chase I'm thinking on running a 2'' or so pvc drain pipe for a chase under the slab and for the wall penetrations maybe short pieces of 1'' pvc for a thru wall chase.
    Thoughts suggestion ideas?
    Thanks Sam

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    Re: Question for the plumber guys and others

    Two things. One, where is this house located.? and two, this thread should be moved to the ask the professionals section, you will get more replies.


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      Re: Question for the plumber guys and others

      Location is in Davao the Philippines.Codes barely exist here.The new house will be all concrete and steel except for the wood stair treads and risers and laminate flooring in the bedrooms also interior doors and window trim.I'm leaning towards some epoxy coated steel kitchen cabinets too that have a simulated wood look with solid surface top.The termites and ants are fierce here so only cheap temp houses are wood.In general better houses here are solid our concrete post and beam type construction then concrete block as the infill.Some cheaper concrete houses barely have any steel in the pours,a few none.The architect I hired is licensed to do commercial and hospitals and I told him max useful size and amount of steel in the concrete pours and walls.I've entirely built wood houses before in the states and wired many new concrete commercial and industrial buildings in the states.All concrete house construction is new to me as its just not often done where I live in California.I have a general contractor here that'll do the main part of the building,I've hired him before and his work quality an ethics are far above the norm for here.
      Th plumber that showed up here last Thursday was carrying 2 small american made pipe wrenches.A tradesman here with any good quality tools of his own is highly skilled usually,for here, and for him to have 2 wrenches instead of 1 cheapo chinese made was amazing.Most everything is total manual labor here including hand mixed concrete for the pours, a mixer is a luxury usually only seen on commercial buildings.


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        Re: Question for the plumber guys and others

        When I was in the PI the only thing I saw was galvanized. The plumbers there never saw pvc. I was only on Basilan so I can't judge all the PI by 1 island. I would get pex shipped in as it can be rolled up and it's relatively light. Seperating paragraphs would also help.
        Buy cheap, buy twice.