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  • Roundup Contest Ideas List

    This is a consolidated list from the suggestions you guys gave me. I had to throw out a few for safety reasons. Take a look and see what you think.

    1)Toilet Seat Frisbee Throw
    -Each contestant will be given 3 throws. Throws will be measured and their longest throw will be logged. (Timed) (Points Based) (Broad Focus)

    2)Manual Pipe Threading Contest
    -Contest will be given a 2-3 foot length of pipe with damaged ends (maybe angle cut) The contestant will have to cut of the damaged or angled ends on each side and thread both sides of the pipe using a pipe cutter, vise, and manual threader. (Timed) (Point Based) (Plumber Focused)

    3)Wrenching and un Wrenching Fittings (Large Diameter)
    -This could be a follow up to the threading we had them do in #2 (Timed) (Point Based) (Plumber Focused)

    4)K1500 Board Cut Through
    -This could be a timed contest similar to the competitions we have had at trade shows between salesmen. Fastest time to cut through the board wins. (Timed) (Point Based) (Drain Focused)

    5)Locating Contest (Locating Roundup Ideas)
    -We could push a sonde down the line to a specific point then the contestants would all be timed on how quickly the locate the sonde (Timed) (Point Based) (Drain Focused)

    6)Drive 10 lags into a 6X6
    -Contestant would have to drive 10 lag bolts into a 6X6 using either an impact driver or one of our cordless drills. (Timed) (Points Based) (Broad Focus)

    7)1/2” Copper fitting Maze
    -We would have a prefabricated wooden stencil/maze that we would have the contestants fabricate a simple run of copper and dry fit it into the maze with press fittings. (Timed) (Point Based) (Plumbing Focused)

    8)Soldering Contest / Pressing Contest
    -After they have dry fit the above maze we could have them press it together. (Timed) (Point Based) (Plumbing Focused)

    9)Long Camera Job.
    -We could find a long run in the schoolhouse that could be cameraed. We would put a codeword on a piece of paper at the end of the run that would have to be recited correctly in order to stop the clock. (Timed) (Point Based) (Plumbing Focused)

    10)Clear a Blockage in Clear PVC.
    -We could simulate a blockage with either burlap straps or something pushed down into a pipe. Contestant would have to clear the blockage in the least amount of time. Machine of choice (Timed) (Point Based) (Drain Focused)

    11)Cast iron Pipe Snap
    -Contestant is given a 16” long section of cast iron. They can use any of our pipe cast cutters to make to equal length segments of cast with the cleanest edges possible. Contest will be graded on how equal the 2 pieces are then on how flush they sit on the ground. (Timed) (Accuracy) (Points Based) (Drain Focused)

    12)Energized Line Tracing
    -Contestant will have to mark all turns that an energized line takes out in the schoolyard. (Timed) (Accuracy) (Points Based) (Drain Focused)

    13)Fastest fixture installation
    -Not sure how this one could play out.

    14)Unload Machine, Clear Blockage, Reload
    -Contestant would have choice of machine to use. Blockage could be wooden dowl rods through pvc. Contestant must clean the blockage and reload all equipment into the back of the roadshow van. (Timed) (Points Based) (Drain Focused)

    I have another one that has to be secret for now You'll understand why at the roundup.

    Any comments? Suggestions? Additional details?


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    Re: Roundup Contest Ideas List

    fastest fixture replacement, don't you guys have some old fixtures you need replaced???

    have them there ready and put us all to work



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      Re: Roundup Contest Ideas List

      Josh, I feel special. . . my idea is #1

      Are they gonna throw the seats around a plunger
      I love my plumber

      "My Hero"

      Welcome, Phoebe Jacqueline!


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        Re: Roundup Contest Ideas List

        Originally posted by MrsSeatDown View Post
        Josh, I feel special. . . my idea is #1

        Are they gonna throw the seats around a plunger
        actually mine was the toilet seat toss

        joey added the plunger idea to give us the horseshoe game idea

        i think the locating the sonde should also be judged on location and depth accuracy

        the fastest fixture could be installing a widespread faucet on a deck/ counter top simulation. this was a contest that price phister use to do. or possibly assembling a 2 piece toilet onto a flange for squareness and levelness?

        how about removing and reinstalling a moen cartridge. moen is right next door to cleveland international airport

        but the one i like is the insinkerator/ emerson assembling a disposal flange onto a cast iron sink and mounting the disposal. the snap ring could be the make it or break it part of the competition. plus i think you have a connection to ise


        don't forget about the east / west tug of love
        phoebe it is