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  • Hunting

    I know some of you like hunting and I have talked about my Alaskan hunting trips before. Here is a great video I found on youtube which shows what you see on an Alaskan float trip.

    The difference between my hunts and his are he took 6-weeks I only take 2-weeks, he was by himself I take a second person and lastly the area I hunt is much prettier.

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    Re: Hunting

    I watched the video and, like always, would like to see the area in person.* I can't imagine any area being more beautiful than that on the video.* It must be a wonderful experience.* Turkey season opens this Tuesday here. Yesterday I bought a small plunger call for my neighbor's six year old son.* They went to youtube for some video instruction and apparently he practiced yesterday and so far all day today. His father, who has never hunted, is taking him out of school for opening day and all three of us will head for the turkey woods.My attachment prowress is less than good but I will attempt to attach a pic of one of the pens I made from whitetail antlers.* I came up with the design last winter.* The pen is not balanced well at all so continuous writing will probably be tiring.* But it looks great on a desk in its antler holder.
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