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The End is Near for Home Depot

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    Re: The End is Near for Home Depot

    Originally posted by DUNBAR View Post
    You wanna bet that HD won't keep closing stores?

    I'm exercising my hand to reach out to collect.

    I've never wished hardship on anyone but if Lowe's holds

    strong and steady while another big mogule is having to cut

    back and stop the infiltration of new markets....there's big

    trouble in little china I'm afraid.

    I've watched Home Quarters, Builders Square, Furrows, Central Hardware all become victims in the past 12 years..............just 12 years.
    I'm not saying that current economic factors are not a part of the reason for this. I do think HD is a different model than the other stores you describe, and this pull back was always part of the plan. They are predatory, and they have saturated the market in order to drown the competition. When that part of the plan has reached a point of diminishing returns it only makes sense to pull back the growth, adjust it, and then raise prices, streamline and focus on profit.

    From where I sit typing this there are 4 HD's within a 15 minute drive from me. Even in bad traffic. Another 3 if you make that 1/2 hour. Here's the map

    If they closed 15 in Northern California there would still be too many.

    Now, all that said, their store is getting crappier every time I go into one. I hate the way they have the tools set up now with the air tools in a long aisle, and I am finding their selection to be weak as well. I actually went into one last weekend and didn't see one thing I had to keep myself from buying. That sounds like a joke, but it is true, I didn't even WANT anything in there. Never happened before. But at this point they have won the first part of the war I think, Lowes and others will have a lot of catching up to do, and this is not the market to be making those moves I'm afraid.

    We'll see though. As far as the $100 goes, I'll bet you that they will still be the dominate force in the market for years to come, that they will expand into other aspects of the market doing more contracting of home services, and that the company will do as well as the economy allows, meaning they will not take any hits that the industry as whole doesn't take. I would even guess they will withstand a few that others in the industry won't. I think they would be closing stores eventually even in a boom economy though. All part of the plan I'm afraid.

    A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.


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      Re: The End is Near for Home Depot

      Every child born in this country should be given a 55 gallon drum of Vasalene to help ease their way through life as corporate America and the politicians find new and better ways to screw us. If people were not such a gullible herd of sheep, we could shut down the big box stores in a week. But we won't, because we really don't care that much. We all love to ***** about them, but damn few of us are willing to actually do anything about them. Ever hear anyone say how great the service was at home depot or wal-mart. No, just ***** about how crappy the service is and how they hate going there but go anyway. People have all the power, but the corporations and the politicians have known since the beginning of time that as a group we are pretty much useless.