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  • Tagging Threads on the Forum

    One of the new features on the forum allows us to add tags to each of the threads. This is extremely useful for future use in that we can easily find related threads and can go back and find threads based on their tags.

    At the bottom of each thread you will see a box named tags. To the far right there is a link named "edit tags". Also.. whenever you are posting a new thread there will be a box just below your message that allows you to enter tags.

    If you see a thread that doesnt have tags please go down and "edit tags" and ad words that describe the thread. it will really help us out in the long run being able to find old info.

    Whenever you are creating a new thread please try to fill out the tags section before you hit the submit button. For Example: For this thread I am entering

    "Tags, Forum Information, HowTo, Searching, New Feature"

    Other threads may say stuff like "SeeSnake, Inspection, Pictures, video"

    Thanks everyone, This is really going to be great in the long run. Whenever you are reading an old thread dont afraid to add some tags that describe it.


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    Re: Tagging Threads on the Forum

    Thanks for sharing such a useful information.