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Three hours and three brothers

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  • Three hours and three brothers

    I had some free time late yesterday afternoon. Went to a neighbor's house and asked the father if one of his kids -they have three boys ages 8 to 12- would like to make a pen for his mother for Mother's Day. The father was happy and said , "Yes," he would send one of the kids over after dinner. The rule has always been "Only One Short Person In The Shop At A Time." At about 6:00PM all three kids and their father arrived. I explained the process and of course all three, and the father, each wanted to do every procedure.

    The reason for sharing this little story is because in my 61 years I have never seen such a caring, sharing bunch of kids. Each, without being told or asked, worked on part of a process and then gave his brother a turn. The youngest wasn't allowed to cut the pen blank on the bandsaw but he understood and was happy to see his older brothers use it. When turning the blanks each worked for a few minutes and gave his brother a turn. Because of size and strength reasons the little guy couldn't use the lathe well so they decided among themselves that he could do all the sanding and friction polishing. At about 8:00PM the little guy wanted to go home and go to bed. After the pen was completed, at about 9:00PM, and high 5s all around, the remaining two boys decided they would wait until morning to wrap it so their little brother could see the completed pen and be part of wrapping it.

    The spirit of cooperation and sharing exhibited by these kids is an obvious testament to their father's and mother's parenting skills. In the larger picture I suspect these kids will remember these interpersonal relationship skills, become productive members of society, and make the world a better place in which to live.

    Me? I had more fun in the three hours it took to make a 45 minute pen than I can remember.


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    Re: Three hours and three brothers

    wow, you sound like an excellent person for doing what you did and the parents sound like excellent parents for having such a well rounded family.

    The world needs more of both of you



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      Re: Three hours and three brothers

      Way to go Tom!

      Instructing them in making the pen and developing an interest in these boys in some skills that will go on to serve them for years to some.
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        Re: Three hours and three brothers

        time very well spent.


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          Re: Three hours and three brothers

          Very cool Tom, kids will never forget it either.....
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            Re: Three hours and three brothers

            Thanks for posting Tom. That was pretty cool.

            I assume you talking about a ink pen
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              Re: Three hours and three brothers

              Thanks Tom,

              I really enjoyed reading your post. I loved that you extended such an offer to your neighbors and came away with such a rewarding experience. So many people today just go through their private days without extending their hand in friendship. Not only did you gain such a nice experience, but you shared it with us too.

              How wonderful to see such sharing and understanding of teamwork in these young brothers. I think it is a rare quality indeed and certainly these brothers are a joyous testimony to the parents. I'm sure they will all share this day for years to come and you've certainly kindled the spark in some future craftsmen. It was a terrific and memorable event for all of you.

              Thanks again,



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                Re: Three hours and three brothers

                Tom, awesome read! I must say, it reminds me very much of the experiances I have had with my Dad and 3 younger brothers. We all gathered in the shop many times on mothers day to make something for mom.


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                  Re: Three hours and three brothers

                  tom thanks for posting this

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                    Re: Three hours and three brothers

                    Thank you Tom.

                    That is a wonderfull expression of kindness.Definitely a feel good read.Very heart warming on a mothers day.