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    Re: I Submit for Your Approval.....

    Originally posted by VASandy View Post
    Please don't visit these sites!! If the RIAA or MPAA gets your info (and they will), they can sue you. Yes..YOU...and they want lots of money. I don't agree with the current practices of either organization, but I don't want to give them money either. The whole idea of how they do business is abhorrent to me. At RIAA's meeting a couple years ago, one of the people said how they were making more money now than ever before. I wonder how much of that comes from suing 14-year-old kids for thousands of dollars?

    Then there's the problem that most of these sites have spyware and trojans that will get installed on your computer without you even knowing it. Very bad mojo. It's just not worth it IMHO. I'll pay $15-25 for a video I want and then I'll make my own digital copies for the video server. Those videos aren't available anywhere outside our network, so there's no way the MPAA could know about them unless they broke through my firewall. And if they do that, I can sue them for breaking and entering illegally.
    I don`t know if this has got to do your warning but as I tried to log into the ridgid forum today I was blocked by my Norton internet security program on my computer and the message kept on coming up JS Downlaoder Trojan and wouldn`t allow my to proceed to enter through the team ridgid site as I normally do, I had to enter through the Ridgid home page site so what does it mean.??