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Rapport leadership classes

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  • Rapport leadership classes

    Anybody know anything about "Rapport Leadership"?
    ‎"I've never let my schooling interfere with my education" -Mark Twain

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    Re: Rapport leadership classes

    It looks to be a motivational class...

    Theres nothing wrong with that in my book...
    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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      Re: Rapport leadership classes

      I'm going the first week of June in Las Vegas. Just curious about what I'm getting into/what to expect. It's an all expenses paid deal, so it's kinda stupid to pass it up, IMO.
      ‎"I've never let my schooling interfere with my education" -Mark Twain


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        Re: Rapport leadership classes

        Give a try googling the Rapport leadership intenational and go to the site listed.

        There are a number of these types of organizations around. Just different names. If you are interested in an expansion of your leadership skills try reading The Fifth Disclipline. The book is about systems thinking and how it applied to business.

        Make an appointment with a shrink and tell him of your desires. He will get you where you want to go.

        There are certainly a number of ways to spend $10,000 that will be more productive and offer personal attention than these types of scams.



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          Re: Rapport leadership classes

 back from this thing last night. I was told by my steady paycheck employer that I had to go or I would be terminated. That brings forth a real good attitude about going If I was the only person in my household, I would have given my employer real specific directions on where to go, but, I went.
          It didn't totally suck.
          It's mostly about making you see and admit your own weakness's pertaining to leadership skills and dealing with them yourselves. I already knew my weaknesses and have always freely admitted them (FYI..I am very critical, mostly toward myself). So...I really didn't gain anything in that area.
          But, you do learn to open your eyes to recognize the weakness your peers have and how to help them help themselves. That was a bit enlightening in the fact that I didn't do enough to help those I care about, even if I thought I was. So that part was beneficial.
          Probably the most beneficial part is meeting a couple of dozen strangers from different walks of life with different chosen paths from your own and finding common threads (it's a damned small world when you really look around).
          We started out strangers, and in two and a half days I more than quadrupled the amount of people that I consider to be very good friends.
          So, in a nutshell, a lot of people will really benifit from this and the rest will benefit some. Just depends on the individual. There were many in the class that I saw do a 180 degree turn in their confidence and attitude.
          So, if somebody nominates you for this, consider it with an open mind. Remember, it didn't totally suck ( and I'm very cynical about stuff such as this).
          If anyone is going to attend, please feel free to pm me and I'll give you the lowdown and answer any questions you may have, and what to expect.

          p.s. I didn't pay for this, but I believe the cost is somewhere around $2500
          ‎"I've never let my schooling interfere with my education" -Mark Twain


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            Re: Rapport leadership classes

            I did Dale Carnagie a few years back. It was funa dn a good experiance. I got a lot out of it.