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  • transporting vinyl

    it looks like my LP library may finally get to return to papa, so to speak. i'm looking for a way to package/box them so they can be trucked from Atlanta to Miasmi and then put on a boat for delivery to me.

    i know LPsused to be put in cardboard boxes and trucked all over the place.

    any suggestions? somebody in Atlanta that can do this to reduce the chances of damage or destruction?

    i'm looking at any and all possibilities

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    Re: transporting vinyl

    I put mine in a 5 gal metal bucket with brown paper in between records. Put a piece of ply on the bottom, first, and one on top with bubble wrap to fill any void to keep them from moving. This will hopefully mitigate any warpage from heat in the cargo hold, etc of the transportation. Mine survived a commercial move from FL to NC in the summer (non-climate controlled van).
    This was what I used for some old 78's. If they have the album covers on them you may want to build a plywood box.
    Whichever the method, seal them in a plastic bag inside the container to keep out moisture.

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      Re: transporting vinyl

      Make sure you have them standing up and not lying on top of one another. Put arrows on the outside and hope they don't get flung!