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Contractors from Heaven ...or Hell

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  • Contractors from Heaven ...or Hell

    Here is an article in todays Washington post I found amusing. It's a survey of customers and the contractors they have hired.

    3% surveyed said contractors asked them out on a date

    2% took a nap on the bed or couch

    30% broke something while fixing another

    I was surprised only 1% were concerned about the contractor using their bathroom. Thought for sure that would have been higher

    Hers the full article.....enjoy

    Contractors From Heaven . . . or Hell

    Most people are happy with the workers they hired to improve their homes, says a survey by Opinion Research on behalf of Kimberly-Clark Professional in January. And then there are the rest:
    Sixty-four percent of respondents said contractors are "usually professional and get the job done properly and on time." However, one-fifth of homeowners said contractors are "unreliable, often late and rarely finish a job when they say they will."

    Fourteen percent said a contractor had asked them to help with the work,

    3 percent said a contractor asked them out on a date, and 4 percent said a contractor took food or drink from the refrigerator without asking. Two percent of respondents said the contractor took a nap on their bed or couch.
    The most common "contractor nightmare" that respondents reported was that a job took a lot longer than the contractor promised, with nearly half saying that had happened to them.

    Another common issue, reported by 30 percent: While fixing one thing, the contractor broke another.

    Forty-one percent of respondents said the cost of the work would be the most likely factor to discourage them from hiring a contractor to do work inside their home. About one-third cited concern about the disappointment they would feel if the job wasn't done right, and 10 percent were worried about the mess the contractor would create.

    Four percent cited a fear that contractor would bring germs into their home by touching things, sneezing and coughing, and 1 percent were concerned by the thought of workers using their bathroom.

    Seventy percent of the respondents said the most important reason they would choose a particular contractor is a recommendation from someone they trust.

    Sixteen percent cited a feeling that they could trust the contractor with their home and possessions, and 10 percent gave highest priority to a good price. Less than 1 percent reported caring whether the contractor was good-looking.

    Nearly 40 percent of respondents said environmental considerations were not a factor in deciding whether to hire a particular contractor. However, about a third said they would be more likely to hire someone who incorporates recycling into their practices, and 15 percent said they would prefer to hire someone who uses products that reduce chemical emissions and fumes.

    In most households, men and women jointly choose which contractor to hire, according to survey respondents. Twenty-three percent said a man makes the call, and 18 percent said a woman does
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    Re: Contractors from Heaven ...or Hell

    They must be talking about Plumbing Contractors, I swear to god, I never asked her out..... ........ Just Joking!!!

    I didn't think that those stats were all that bad, I have seen contractors do some weird stuff. I wonder what the percentage would be for contractors showing up on the job hung over and smelling like booze.

    But certainly, the real deals are decent contractors, who have their act together and their business running smooth....
    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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      Re: Contractors from Heaven ...or Hell

      The other side of that survey would be the customers from hell. Every now and then I was forced into telephone repair and out of the safety and comfort of the telephone poles and manholes. My sister in-laws use to ask me if any of the housewives ever came onto me during a repair call, with a straight face I would reply ninety percent of the time there was nothing wrong with the line, just lonely women and me! Happy to say nothing ever happened along those lines but there are plenty of memories . Lady, please put the pitbulls and rottweilers away!


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        Re: Contractors from Heaven ...or Hell

        A couple years ago a guy in my area started a small Handyman business. He is now up to six trucks. He charges $80.00 per hour. For the $80.00 what do you get. You call the company and someone answers the phone and answers your questions. The handymen arrive on time. The trucks are clean, at least on the outside. The employees all have clean company uniforms and hats. The company has insurance and all employees are bonded. I saw a truck at one of my neighbors and asked her about her decision to hire them. The number one reason given by this 80+ year old lady was security, based on all the above.

        The number one complaint I have heard about small contractors from customers is, "THEY DON'T RETURN PHONE CALLS." Sad! There is work out there, customers call you to give you work and you don't return a call? What up with that? Return the calls and tell the customers when you can schedule them. Even if you can't schedule them for three or four months from now, be honest, but return the call. I just scheduled a small kitchen rehab for the end of December or the first of next January. Last summer I worked seven days a week for seven weeks straight. For what? Money? I will never do that again. There might be a matter of immediacy over which you have no control and the customer will call someone else. But you did what you could.



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          Re: Contractors from Heaven ...or Hell

          Originally posted by Tom W View Post
          The number one complaint I have heard about small contractors from customers is, "THEY DON'T RETURN PHONE CALLS."
          DEAD ON!
          Another thread I mentioned this yesterday...I answer the phone at all times, I always return calls asap.
          The wife didn't like this at first, but after seeing downtime she welcomes my phone ringing.
          It doesn't mean I'm going to run right out and replace the stems on your lav on a sunday afternoon, but a large percentage of calls are folks in a panick
          It could turn out to be a toilet is just sweating in the summer months, but when you're dependable, people remember that.

          This is sheer coincidence, but I just got off the phone with a customer who's having me add two baths on an addition next month.
          He originally called for a leaking toilet flange.
          I was the only one to answer the phone directly out of half a dozen he called, another guy called back the next day as I was working, another within a few days.


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            Re: Contractors from Heaven ...or Hell

            I would have thought the contractors using the bathroom would be a higher percentage.
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              Re: Contractors from Heaven ...or Hell

              Me too Tyman. What I like about surveys is they tell me what's important to the customer. Feedback I may not otherwise get like 1/3 rd would hire a contractor that recycles. Now that's good info. I'll inject that into some of my estimates.

              70% would use a refferal. I can't do much about that except have my current customers tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends and they tell......