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    My Detroit Pistons may have a chance at the championship, but LA Lakers, are a strong force. I'm not sure if any team can take them out. But right now, the Pistons need to defeat the Celtics and this is an even match, the way I see it. I give this match a 7 gamer....

    Now on the Hockey side of things, oh ya "GO RedWings", I'm proud of these guys. I think they are the top dog to win the Stanley cup. But what pisses me off, is I can't see the game tonight. I don't have the Versus Station, and I'm mad as a dog in a fight. I give this match a 6 gamer.....
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    Re: Sports

    I heard about dem Celts...something about they're serious contenders for that superbowl thingy...


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      Re: Sports

      I think the Pens are going to win it in 6...Some young fast, good talent on that squad.
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