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I picked the ring for my girl!

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    Re: I picked the ring for my girl!

    actually when the real ring hit the floor, i pulled out the fake one and joey was confused

    there were 2 rings now. the real one on the floor and the fake one on the table.

    joey asked "what does this mean"

    i technically never really proposed

    funny part is the fake and the real one were almost identical in design.

    both white gold, both 5 diamonds

    neither my buddy steve who gave the fake ring, or myself knew of the others rings.

    so joey is still waiting for the official proposal

    so am i

    phoebe it is


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      Re: I picked the ring for my girl!

      In Europe we wear the engagement ring on the right hand and when we marry we transfer it to the left.

      When Rob proposed he put the engagement on the right hand and I thought that is normal until I discovered no one belived me I got engaged.


      I guess In USA you put it on the left and elave it on the left..He should have investigate before he proposed


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        Re: I picked the ring for my girl!

        New years eve, 2006, I handed my sweety something and said "Do me a favor...hold this for a second".
        She snipped at me and said "Geesh, why can't you just put it somewhere!".

        I gave her a stern look and said "HOLD IT!"

        I proceeded to propose to her, on my knee's.
        She almost passed out, completely caught her off guard.
        We'll laugh about it for years.

        Eli, something memorable, if you put half the passion into it that you have in the way you speak of her here, it'll be quite memorable.


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          Re: I picked the ring for my girl!

          That's it!

          I'm going to date 9 women this weekend!

          I just found out that the "new" box van I bought is going to take me for 9 grand in repairs.....starting for the very low price of $1600 I paid for it.

 the end...I'll have

          crate motor from ford 7.5 litre 460
          New shocks
          New tires
          New brakes
          New rotors
          New drums
          New wheel cylinders
          A/C working
          New exhaust to the rear

          Total Investment will be $13000 total....but a newly painted/logo'd truck with no possible repairs I hope for years.....given a new powerplant and suspension that was built like a rock since it was formerly a Ryder box truck.

          Rides great now....just loud and that's not professional.

          9 women should get that off my mind for at least a few proposals or rings however....unless you want me to cut a piece of 3/4" copper pipe ring about a 1/4".....polished to a fine luster...heh.
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